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05-Nov-2006 -


Got a low self esteem? Try Tequila! :
www.youtube.com/watch?v=INlvCEGLNPM (movie)


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Create your own South Park character: South Park Studio 2 (flash)
A test by the British Science Museum reveals: What sex is your brain? (flash)
Fetch the Halloween spirit in the Haunted Labyrinth (flash)
You shouldn't call the doctor at The Hospital (flash)
How to become a millionaire: The Million Dollar Homepage
Playing time for music fans: Roadies by the BBC (flash)
Wreck the nerves of those who wreck yours: Anti-Telemarketing Counterscript
A selection of funny video clips:
Don't underestimate the 'enemy': News report from Iraq (wmv-file)
Jack Black in Lord of the Rings - The true Story (wmv-file)
And this one is for Kevin: The Lee Evans Trio (wmv-file)
=> Visit http://gprime.net/video/ for more stuff like this !
Playing time for music fans: Roadies by the BBC (flash)
Funny: English Subtitles on Japanese Lord of the Rings DVDs
Help to lower unemployment: Rent a German
Translate a webpage the funny way at Gizoogle
=> Example: All time Feelgood fave Back in the Night
Get yourself a Gangstername
Holy cow! Get your digtal stuff blessed at Digi Bless
A very spooky game: The Phone (Flash)
If Windows fails, use Atom Smasher's Error Message Generator


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Bored? Participate in the World Mouse Clicking Championship (JavaScript)
This one is especially for Phil: Christmas Golf (Flash)
SeedySanchez.co.uk lets you create a Mariachi Love Message (Flash)
Good for a tortured soul: The Automatic Flatterer (JavaScript)
Latest News: ''AOL admits 40% of Subscribers don't have Computers''
and more 'Journalism Shmournalism' from WatleyReview,com
Wake the Punk in U: The Dirty Punk F*ckin' Anarchy Machine (Flash)
And play time again: Treasure Box (a very surreal Flash Game)
Struggeling with your shoes? Get help at Ian's Shoelace Site
How to cost Microsoft money (Unbelievable but true...)
This one is for our cycling ace guitarist Steve: BMX Backflips (Flash)
while bassist Phil will probably better enjoys the 3D Golf (Flash)
Tutorial: A computer turned into a book case
The Picture of Everything by Howard Hallis
Windows Noises Symphony (Flash)
Kill zombies with vinyl disc at Shaun of the Dead (Flash)
No joke: Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships
Disturbing Auctions - The ugly and strange side of ebay...
Find out Which Peanuts Character are you? (Me is Schroeder...)
Build yourself realistic Yamaha Motorbikes from paper
A weird collection of Cow Videos
Calculate your Knackered Factor with the Formula for Tiredness
The Sceptics Dictionary
Online Yodel Course - Go ahead!
There are 600,426,974,379,824,381,952 Ways to spell Viagra
Subserviant Chicken - Make it dance, jump, scratch its head, ...
Craig's Tequilaproject
Daily Anxiety - Parody of Hollywoods Variety Magazine
Ugly Zoo - Panopticum of graphically manipulated evolution
Insultingly stupid Movie Physics revealed and explained @ Intuitor.com
Play Music on the Telephone @ DuckDeluxe.com - (Beware of high phone bills)
Internet Anagram Server @ Wordsmith.com - Rearrange your name
Lord of the Rings - Slightly condensed, by Sarah Davis (Animated Gif)
Online Hypnose by Dr. J.H. Rabailkal (Flash) - A heart attack for free!
Elf on a Shelf - Lord of the Rings Nonsense Shop & Online Magazine
Handcuffs.org - A Collectors Guide to Vintage Handcuffs
Rock'n'Roll Hall of Shame - needs not comment, or?!?
Weird Al's ''eBay song''
Take the Music Nerd Test - Me had 51.20773% - Super Music Nerd!
What a tribute to the Lord of the Rings: The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins,
sung by Mr.Spock / Leonard Nimoy!! (Quicktime Movie Clip)
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index - A fun treasure box
Flip Flap - Game (Flash)
Save the Planet - Game (Flash) - [Thanks to Martin Kidd for this.]
For the Naughty: The East Point Police (Georgia) has an online Self Arrest form!
The Canvey Concrete Barge - That's what I call true dedication!


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Al Queda Employee Handbook - (Flash Movie)

What Muppet are you? - A quick test revealed me as ''Rizzo the Rat'' (twice!)
Joe Cartoon.com presents: Gerbil Bar (Gabi's favourite), The Frog Bender, Osama's last Movie, Joe Momma, Santa & The little Greenwrapper, and much more...(Flash)
Drink-o-meter - How much you drank in your lifetime.
The Global Rich List shows where you stand globaly with your income. Shall I really feel better after knowing to be the 770,796,916 richest person and in the top 12.84% richest people in the world? 5,229,203,084 people are poorer. Godness... Sure I will be pleased to donate more than an hour's salary (approx $5,55) for charity as soon as
Microsoft CEO Bill Gates (whom has more wealth than the bottom 45 percent of American households combined) donates just 0,01% of his hour's salary to me. Promised!
The Gender Genie - Text analyser (It really works! I've tried several times)
Magic Number: 30 Billions - Interesting maths on MS Windows crashes
RateBeer - A guide through the Beers of the World
Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer? - Quiz (Flash)
Make a Starship Enterprise out of a floppy disc
Take the BBC's Senses Challenge Quiz (needs Flash plug-in)
Just another day on the River with the Tugboat - Just mad or simply amazing???
If you wonder how they write ''Dr Feelgood'' is Egypt, visit Write like an Egyptian
Who would buy that? shows h
ow absurd internet auctions can get...
George W. Bush Speechwriter (enable Javascript)
The History of Beer - Cheers, folks!
[URL updated Feb. 8, 2005]
Which Monkee are you? Quiz revealed Gabi as Micky Dolenz (works ok for me :o))
Mind Reader
(Flash) - Many thanks for sending the solution, Ian!


KissThisGuy.com - The Archive of misheard lyrics (partly really funny!)
ThisDayInMusic.com -> head for the Jokes
This one is for Kevin ;o) - Fabulous Celebrity Drum-Kit (Flash)


Other Stuff

Robert Kane and Joe StrummerSpecial people, and some connections...
Robert Kane and Joe Strummer
France on the 14th of August 1999
- Bigger Image
(Photo courtesy John Butterfield, fetched from Feelin' Good - April 2003)
Joe Strummer (The Clash's voice and soul) played a festival in France with his latest band, The Mescaleros, and visited the Feelgoods dressing room to congratulate the band for chosing Robert Kane as frontman.
- Joe, another important and special man, who is sadly missed...

Above documented meeting between Dr Feelgood & Joe Strummer is not the only connection between the Feelgoods and The Clash, which justifies a special mention of Joe at this website (for me personally it's just wonderful to realize the relations between these two bands, who both mean a huge lot to me). So here we go:
In the early days of Pubrock, in the mid 70's, Joe Strummer's band, The 101ers, shared the bill with the Feelgoods occasionally, breaking grounds (and opening doors) for the upcoming Punk scene. Canvey's son, ex-Hot Rod Lew Lewis (1969 member of the Southside Jug Band with Sparko, Lee and Chris; later continuing with Dr Feelgood and 'Solo-'Wilko as well) played Harmonica on the legendary Sandinista triple album of the Clash. Now, after Joe's untimely death on 22. Dec. 2003, Wilko played at the Joe Strummer Memorial at the Tabernacle, London (20.April 2003) and Lew Lewis joined the band Swindle for 3 songs at the Strummer Memorial at the Chinnery's in Southend on May 2nd. 2003.

To learn more about Joe and his legacy, visit ~ IN MEMORIAM OF JOE STRUMMER (A tribute page by Gabi)  ~


Jokes and such...

Getting more serious again now...

Gabi wants to pay respect to two people, who got a special place in her heart,
one for opening her eyes & ears, the other for opening her heart & soul:
.Little Steven.........Eric Burdon.
For those missing garage music on the radio,
here's ''the station that (really) matters'':
.Little Steven's RadioShow Underground Garage.



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