Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002

Hi the Band!
My name is Vince, I'm 18, I live in Paris, I have played guitar for 12 years now and I have listen to you since I was born!!! My english is not very good but I can do some efforts and I hope you will understand something! My father is a great fan of Dr Feelgood since his creation. He loves you and he tried to learn me the Dr Feelgood on guitar, and now I can say that he¹ve done it!!! I love your music like a mad man (blues...!!) and I love you guys. You¹re all great musicians, you have given a lot of "punch" to the English blues and I love it!!! I always tries to have the same "punch" as Steve Walwyn, I love his guitar!!! He is a real teacher for me, but I think that he doesn¹t know it before!! All your music and all the band are my teachers!!!! I¹m writtening you a mail, because my band and me will participate to a music competition (it calls "Tremplin MCM Session-Ile de France") and we would like to play one or two of your wonderful songs : it¹s "I can tell" and "The Walk". And we need your autorisation to play this songs. You¹re free not to accept of course, you¹re the proprietor, but we really need it to be susceptible to win this competition. We are very, very motivated to participate and of course to win it, but without your songs it would become a little bit difficult, if you understand what I mean!!!! We¹ve played together for one year only, so we¹ve not yet our own songs. The rock-blues is not as so many popular than the 70s and the beginning of the 80s, but we want to do revive it and to make discovered it to young French people. We want to begin it in this competition but to win it we need your autorisation. The inscriptions is soon so if you can answer me... quickly it would be very nice. You can call me if you want: xxxxxxxx or you can write me on my mailbox: xxx..xxxxxx@wanadoo.fr I really enjoy writting you, it was a good exercise for my bad english!!!! When will you come to Paris to bring us your wonderful and so loving music? We wait you with a lot of impatience.
You are great men, we love you so much and don¹t forget that we wait you... Thanks a lot for your music, keep playing it with so many heart and your great talent. See you later alligators...!!!!!!

Our reply
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002

Hi Vince,
sorry it took me some time to reply to you. I first had to meet the band to show them your email.
You do NOT need authorisation. Everyone can play the songs, no problem. They say Thanks for chosing Dr Feelgood songs to join the band contest and we all wish you GOOD LUCK for the competition!!!
Surely the Feelgoods will return to France, keep an eye at the tourdates page at the website: www.drfeelgood.de/itinerar.htm
Best wishes from Germany & England
Gabi & Dr Feelgood

Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002

Hi everybody!
It's Vince from Paris, I have written you one or two months ago to ask you if my blues band and I were able to play some of your wonderful and powerful songs for a competition. But in fact we didn't do it because we had lost our drummer in the beginning of semptember so our new drummer was not ready to play. But we played in a pub Friday, November 8th. It was OK for her ( because our new drummer is a girl...). We want to tell you a big big "THANK YOU, DR.FEELGOOD" because thanks to some of your songs we put the fire!!!! We played "The Walk", "I can tell", "You gotta help me", "Down by the jetty blues" and "Mad man blues"!!! It was so...extraordinary! We had tried to play like you but you're so great that the comparation is impossible, of course, we respect you like so much!!!!! We want to give you this message to say that we try everyday to convey your music among youngs and less young french people!!And we can say that we had do this Friday night because some our friends came to see you and they said:"Waouh! Sheat! your music is wonderful guys, it's fantastic!!" and we always answere that it's thanks to some bands like you, or Eddie and the hot road, or Nine Below Zero, or all bands who are put the light in our heart! Thanks a lot for your music!! We played 3 hours and we earnt 300 euros, it's our first money thanks to music, blues music. And we want to know how many you earn in a show like in "Le Plan" in Ris Orangis (in France) or in an other place. I'm the lead guitarist of the band so I want to tell to Steve that he inspires me so much, he's one of my favourite guitar player, he has a great class, he has a very beautiful image. I love his style and his personality. He's a great person, like everybody in the band, Robert, Phil and Kevin. We love you all guys and we wait you with a lot of impatience!!
Thanks you Gabi for you beautiful "internet site" and to pass on the band our message!
Thanks you everybody and see you later...ALLIGATOR!!!
>From Vince, Nina, Erwan, Yseult, Jim (the order on the picture!!) and my parents who support you since the beginning!!!


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