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Updated November 19, 2004


I carried this baby with me since the launch of the Dr Feelgood website, way back in 1996,
as questions to the same topic arrive(d) in the eMail box regularly. It would have been clever
to have started a F.A.Q. page right then, no idea why I haven't done so. Well, wisdom grows
with age (hopefully), so I decided from now on to add all interesting questions I receive onto
this page, and - of course - try to supply the answers to it too. Parts of the ''Open Surgery''
section from John Butterfield's Feelin' Good newsletters will be available as well. And I will
crawl my email archive for your questions from the past, and add them. --- So stay tuned!

~ Gabi, Dr Feelgood's webmeister :o)

Thanks to everyone who contributes information and facts!

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=> Wilko Johnson has his own section.

Sandra Horton asks via e-mail: ''Was there ever a guy named Patrick who played for Dr Feelgood in the studios, keyboards or guitar?''
Answer: From 1982 to Spring 1983 the Dr Feelgood line-up was Lee Brilleaux on vocals / harmonica / slide guitar, Johnny Guitar on guitar, Pat(rick) McMullan on bass guitar and Buzz Barwell on drums. No recordings officially released from this time, I'm afraid.
~ Gabi (19-Nov-2004)


Martin Feltham (Southsea) writes: ''I've just got a copy of the 'TKO Magnum Music Group' catalogue, in which they are selling a video of the 1972 London Rock & Roll Show at Wembley Stadium, featuring Heinz + Dr. Feelgood doing one song (C'mon Everybody). Although it only shows Heinz doing one song, it could be worth forking out £ 14.50 to see the pre-recorded long haired Feelgoods, and definitely worth a mention in your newsletter.''
~ Feelin' Good newsletter Issue 15 - April 1999

After Will Birch mentioned the release of the ''Going Back Home'' video as DVD (Uncut Magazine May 2004, Lee Brilleaux Remembered article) inquiries come in via email... Well, there is no release date confirmed, no details to tell yet, only thing I heard is that a release is planned, not by Grand Records but another company. Currently I am waiting for confirmed info from manager Chris, which will be published at Grand Records Order Shop and/or at the Announcements page.
~ Gabi (15-April-2004)


Often people ask what kind of equipment the Feelgoods are using. We (finally) now have the Dr Feelgood's Equipment extra page.
~ Gabi (18-Feb-2004)


David Bootham (Aldershot) wrote: I've just read a Led Zeppelin biography, and in one chapter it said that Robert Plant whilst on holiday in Ibiza in the late 70's sang with a band called Dr. Feelgood.
John's reply: Well I asked Whitey [Chris White, Dr Feelgood's manager] who confirmed this did actually happen in the Gypie days when Dr. Feelgood were playing 5 nights at the same club, and Robert was in the audience, and asked if he could get up with them. He only sang one song but no one can remember what it was. On the 1999 tour the guy doing the sound for the Feelgoods at the Robin Hood 2 said that he was now working with Robert, and would ask him, but no news yet. ~ Feelin' Good newsletter Issue 19 - April 2000

Addition: It might also be worth mentioning that back in 1975 after a Led Zep gig (I think) the original Feelgoods did a show for Robert Plant at his request in his house. This was covered at some length in the NME when the band made the cover shot and a 2-page article featured inside including some great photos of them playing their set with Robert ‘Percy’ Plant looking on in admiration. Seems he was a fan even then. ~ Alan Reid (Musselburgh) via e-mail 21-Jan-2004


Jean Paul Martin (Marseille, France) asks: Has the group ''Practice'' (Figure, Sparko, Gypie, Gary Miller) recorded anything on vinyl/CD and why are there no articles in ''Feelin' Good''?
John's answer: The Practice were a short lived group formed after Lee's death. As far as I know they did not record anything and lasted just over a year. Gypie Mayo is at present playing with the Yardbirds but I have no current news on the other members.
~ Feelin' Good newsletter Issue 16 - July 1999
Addition by Gabi: Here is some info on the Former Feelgood Members and an extra page for Gypie and The Yardbirds. ~ (12-Jan-2004)


Paul Langley (Swindon, Wiltshire) asks: Can you give me details of how to get a copy of the South Bank Show featuring Dr Feelgood?
Answer: It was broadcast in 1981 and featured the Feelgoods (Lee, Gypie, Sparko, Figure) Live in the studio along with interviews with Lee and Figure. The songs played were Down at the Drs, Love Hound, Take a Tip, Night Time and for the finale Dr Feelgood, Blues Band, Nine Below Zero all played Route 66 together. Fans can call into London Weekend, Upper Grand, London SE1 to view the show. (Thanks to S. Tomblin for providing this information.)
~ Feelin' Good newsletter Issue 16 - July 1999

Addition: I am sure Paul Langley from Swindon is aware that you can get an audio version of at least some of the South Bank Show featuring Dr Feelgood on the bonus disc with the ‘Looking Back’ box-set. I remember it well, as unfortunately the first half of the show was all taken up by the Blues Band, with the Feelgoods and Nine Below Zero being squeezed together in the second part. It certainly brightened up a Sunday night – good old Melvyn Bragg, just a pity it was before VCR’s became affordable! Interestingly enough the NME (again) highly praised Lee’s contribution to the programme saying he “acquitted himself brilliantly” (as ever).
~ Alan Reid (Musselburgh) via e-mail 21-Jan-2004


There is no Dr Feelgood tabulatures or song book available yet, sorry. For my knowing there also never was one available in the past. Plans for it were there already, but never took shape. I've got a quite good collection of lyrics (prints from the Songs & Lyrics section of this website), the chords have been personally added by Steve Walwyn. If someone out there is willing to print for free (or very cheap), I could put out this material. Then I naturally also would ask Gypie Mayo and Gordon Russell to do the same with the tracks they've played with the band. Maybe even Wilko would supply his support, who knows. This project surely is worth to get sorted out properly, as the amount of inquiries on this topic show, demand is high.
-> Helpful input from lawyers regarding possibly appearing problems in this case (copyright violation? other pits?) is welcome, as I want to avoide getting into trouble with the law.
~ Gabi (03-Aug-2003)


are available only directly at the venues (see Tourdates page) and possibly at local ticket offices. We (Dr Feelgood, Grand Records, webmistress Gabi, newsletter editor John Butterfield) do not sell any tickets, also we do not know ticket prices and availability.
Only exception from all this: Tickets for the annual Lee Brilleaux Memorial (usually taking place in early May) are available directly from Grand Records. Like every year the beginning of ''ordering time'' for the memorial tickets will be announced at this website.

For venue details please try internet search engines like www,google.com (enter town and venue name) or phone books. Gabi has set up a list of various venues world-wide (many incl. further details, but no guarantee on correctness!) at www.drfeelgood.de/music/linkvenu.htm.
~ Gabi (27-Aug-2003)


No joke, an surprisingly big amount of people continue to ask: ''Is Wilko Johnson still in the band?''
Answer: No idea in which cave you hid during the past 2 decades, or why you hesitate to read this website (the current line-up is right on the homepage and no Wilko there, not?!). No, since leaving Dr Feelgood in April 1977, Wilko is not in the band anymore. He continued to play with his own bands, but returned to play with several Dr Feelgood members - past and present - at various Lee Brilleaux Memorials. For an brief overview on Wilkos projects have a look at the Wilko info pages (includes a link to his official WebSite).
~ Gabi (19-Nov-2004)

Something which appeared to me not that important is the fact, many fans misspell Wilko's name to ''Wilco''. Today I received an email from a fan in New Zealand, who - in respect to Dr Feelgood's wild first guitarist - plans to name his new baby son Wilco. Seems a good reason to set the case right before that little boy carries the name from Chicago based band ''Wilco'' (external link: www.wilcoworld.net) or - even worse - from the ''World leader in Leak Detection'' (external link: www.wilco.com), right? Easy to avoid the spelling mistake if you are aware, Wilko Johnson used the letters of his real name John Wilkinson, to create his alias. There's no ''c'' in there.
~ Gabi (29-Aug-2003)

And here he is: WILKO Mick JOHNSON Clark, born 24th of October 2003 in New Zealand.
CONGRATULATIONS to the proud parents of the lovely little boy!
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