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Line-up from 1995 - 1999:


Born 12th February 1946 in Paddington, London.
First recording was as singer with Jet Harris Band in the 1960's. Pete never ever saw Dr. Feelgood live, but did identify with the ethos/attitude of the Feelgoods. In 1991 whilst frontman in The Pink Torpedoes, regular inclusions in the live set were, "Down at the Doctors", and a great version of "Cheque Book". The Torps version of the latter is in my opinion, a great rendition, and was recorded live at the Rising Sun, Devizes on 21st December 1991, and I for one, would love to hear it in this form in a Dr. Feelgood set. Pete lives in Wiltshire, and outside of the Feelgoods, he has played some solo shows, and in 1997 released a solo CD called "Out of Hours".

--- Pete Gage was replaced by ROBERT KANE in August 1999.


Born 8th June 1956 in Southam, Warwickshire.
Back in the early 1980's, Steve was playing in a band called "Chevy", and also part time in "The Mosquitoes". Steve and Nick Rowbotham wrote a song "Something out of Nothing", which was duly recorded, and released as a single by "The Mosquitoes". Nick went to see Dr. Feelgood at a gig in Northampton, and spoke to Lee, who was looking for some new material. A copy was given, and the next thing Steve knew, was the Feelgoods had recorded it, and it appeared as a B side of several Feelgood singles. Unfortunately due to other publishing commitments, Steve could not be credited as co-writer even though he did write the "music". Later on in the 80's, Steve joined The DT's, a band respected and liked by the Feelgoods. In fact, one Sunday circa 1983, Lee and two friends turned up at a lunchtime pub gig in Leicester, and then the same evening caught the gig at Kettering. Steve remembers a quite inebriated Brilleaux, who'd obviously enjoyed the days proceedings, giving Steve the parting words, "I'd just like to say, goodnight, fucking great guitar playing!". It is therefore no coincidence that the DT's were asked to tread on the same stage as support to the Feelgoods on several occasions, including a night I remember well, at the Princess Charlotte in Leicester (1986). Joined Feelgood in 1989, and early gigs included a low key show at a packed Briedon Bar, before a gig at the Isle of Man and then London Town & Country, which was captured on video and also released as the "Live in London" CD. Steve lives at Leamington Spa, and he has his own band, the "Steve Walwyn Band", which play a few selected gigs each year Favourite guitar is nicknamed "The Plank".


Born 19th March 1953 in Wembley, London.
Went to the same school as Lee and Kevin, and Lee bailed Phil out of a tight spot when his band ran out of songs. Joined the Feelgoods shortly before Kevin, but earlier links were with the sort of music and musicians he played with. These included Legend (1972) and Mickey Jupp Band (1975), both featuring Mickey Jupp, the author of Down at the Doctors, Chequebook, and Standin' at the Crossroads again. In 1980 he teamed up with Lew Lewis, a character well known in early Feelgood history, drummer with Lew at this time was Buzz Barwell, who later joined Dr. Feelgood before Phil did, but Buzz was the shortest lived drummer ever! Phil has teamed up with Kevin Morris in many guises over the years, but today they are the backbone of Dr. Feelgood, and long may a successful relationship continue!


Born 15th May 1955 in London.
Early links similar to Phil in good old schooldays, but Kevin did appear in embryonic Feelgood as Pigboy Charlie Band in 1970 as drummer alongside Lee and Sparko. He joined Dr. Feelgood after Barwell's sudden departure in 1983, and has been there ever since. Kevin was instrumental in reforming the Feelgoods in 1995, and does a lot of work behind the scenes to promote and ensure Dr.Feelgood continue to thrive - thanks Kevin!


The Squad

Robert Kane

Vocals and harp. Joined the team in Summer 1999 transferring from North East band The Animals. He hails from Sunderland, a city of good football, beer and women who dress to kill at weekends. Robert is a charismatic striker who keeps fit off stage by running but onstage has been known to travel great distances threatening anyone who gets in his way, so beware - you have been warned.

Steve “Whirlwind” Walwyn

Guitarist extraordinaire. Joined in 1987 having played in the DT’s with Steve Marriot. A Midlander from Leamington Spa. Also had spells with the Big Top Playboys and Eddie & the Hot Rods. A Midlander from Leamington Spa who enjoys cycling and cricket when not thrashing his plank with Dr Feelgood. Not only a great guitarist but also written some great songs for the Feelgoods.

Kevin Morris

Percussion. Shares the distinction of being the longest serving Feelgood, having joined in 1983. He has played well over 2000 gigs with Dr Feelgood. Organises the squad from the rear. A solid defender of R&B.

Phil H Mitchell

Bass guitar. Joined just before Kevin but had a short spell out in the early 1990’s. Has played with Mickey Jupp, Lew Lewis and several other Southend outfits. Plays a mean game of golf, and used to keep goal at football and did have ambitions to be a goalkeeper but concerns about injuring his hands when he became a professional musician led to him changing to an outfield role. He however helps Kevin keep a strong back line.

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