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May 9, 2003 - Oysterfleet Hotel, Canvey Island, Essex/UK

Pre- and Review & Photo Collection 1

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Pre-View: (like formerly advertised at the Memorials page)

Gypie Mayo and Alan Glen - Yardbirds - 12. April 2003Many bands/musicians have been invited to play. Depending on the musicians gig/tour schedules no one can predict whom exactly will appear on stage in the end, so - like every year - expect surprises. Dr Feelgood will play, of course. Mike Sanchez (ex-Big Town Playboys) has also listed the memorial show in the tourdates at his website. Sarah from the Two Timers already asked me if I will come over, so I suppose we will see her and Gordon at the show too. Well, the lists of musicians who appeared in the recent years (check out the main page for the Lee Brilleaux Memorials) may give you an impression.
Update April 13th 2003: The Yardbirds were touring Germany this month, I went to ask Gypie Mayo how's the chance to see him on stage at the memorial this year. After his commitments with the Yardbirds kept him away from Canvey since a long time, he was obviously very pleased to find no Yardbirds gigs scheduled for the 9th of May. So if it stays like this (which is very likely), Gypie promised to come over to Canvey this year. By the way, the new Yardbirds album ''Birdland'' will be out on April 22nd...
Update April 19th: Wilko Johnson has a gig on May 9th arranged in Southampton instead of Canvey. He plays the Oysterfleet on his own later in 2003.
Update April 30th: My flight is booked, I'll be staying on Canvey for a week and look forward to see again many international Feelgood fans and friends at the Memorial, to spend some days on the road with the Feelgoods as well as hanging out in Leigh and Southend (hopefully I will have a car available for 1 day, it would be wonderful to hit some of my fave spots there!). - Additional good news: Big Figure will come over from France to be at the Memorial too.
Update May 5th: Dave Bronze will be missed at the memorial this year, he has other commitments to follow, busy man that he is.
This week I received another one of these typical crazy (but nice) 'Larry Wallis postcards'. He didn't mention the memorial but I have the strong feeling he will be present. (If so, will he wear that great Skulls shirt again?)
Mike Sanchez has not confirmed at the Feelgoods office yet, but after still listing the Memorial date in his tourdates, I suppose he'll be there. (He better should, as yesterday Rick Vito gave me his brand new cd, one copy to pass on to Mike. Rick has covered Mike's song ''Hungry Man''. So if you read this Mike: Come to Canvey or I'll keep the cd for myself!)
Kevin Morris told me some other names, I can't remember the details. So - if you are one of the lucky ticket owners - expect possible surprises of any kind. Me secretly hopes finally to meet Lew Lewis in person. After he was seen on stage playing harmonica at a Joe Strummer Memorial in Southend last Friday (May 2nd) this wish seems not too far from becoming fulfilled, who knows?!
My dear friend Kim, who worked at the Oysterfleet for quite a good while, will have her last working day on the 9th there. Due to this event I changed my plan, which was (remembering the horrible hangover I had last year) NOT to get drunk at the memorial this time. No our flag says: ''Let's celebrate and get drunk and have fun and a crazy time!'' - A report will follow...
And now, folks, I'll pack my bag. See you on the 9th at the Oysterfleet! In memoriam of the great Lee Brilleaux!
~ Yours, Gabi
Photo: Alan Glen and Gypie Mayo, The Yardbirds in Bremen, Germany - 12. April 2003



This memorial was something very special, many people on and off stage said so. I would say, it was the best memorial since the very first one (1994, shortly after Lee's passing), which in my eyes/ears was unbeatable, simply because it was the first time when I saw the ''old'' Feelgoods play together again. Even Wilko joined his old band mates Sparko and The Big Figure, first time ever since the split from Dr Feelgood about 2 decades ago. In addition to this, it was the first and only time when I saw one of my other fave bands, The Inmates.

Every look into the pleased faces of the audience who followed the exciting appearances and ongoings on stage, every stroll through the lobby and hallway prooved, here was something truly special going on. Happy faces everywhere, people dancing, drinking, chatting, laughing. Great. Everything was perfect, and obviously everyone enjoyed having a good time. Old and new faces on- and off-stage, although the majority of people knows each other from recent memorial shows and/or Feelgood gigs. It was very nice to meet up again with Chris&Sophie & Frankie and ''the Feelgood bunch'', dear Nigel and his girl friend (sorry I had time for a biiiiig hug only), my special London based ''Feelgood partner'' Mark F., John B. and his wife, not to forget the 2 ''guys from our special security section'' (smile), and Jimmie, the Inmates fan from Scotland (I'll not forget to send the cds!) and and and... Also it was nice to meet fans from other countries (too many to list, but a special thanks goes to Bob from Boston, for the nice video tape!). I even crashed into a handsome bloke from my hometown Hannover in Germany (what a pity he moved to Freiburg years ago...). Ah, yes, the Dutch biker gang also was present again (opening breakfast the next day with a Budweiser, of course, while us Feelgood-merchandisers Pete ''Baldrick'' and me sipped our tea).
Musicwise there were no wishes left open. One highlight followed the other. Not a single minute of boredom! It went ''bang-bang-bang''. Wonderful. Impossible to pick the ''best of the night'' because the complete night was breathtakingly good. Nevertheless I have to say, my personal highlight was the surprise appearance of ''Canvey's son'' Lew Lewis, who joined the Feelgoods during ''Help me'' (which I think makes double-sense in relation to Lew). What a delight (and how lightening) to see him in a good shape, after all the bad news and rumours during the passed 2 years or so (see Lew Lewis special page). I have to admit I spent a long time of the later show sitting with Lew and my friend Warren Kennedy (thanks for the inspiration and good fun!) chatting in the gangway between the venue and the hotel rooms. Lew signed his fabulous photo in the Feelgood Story book for me, he said he's very grateful for the support he received through the website (remember my message board ''notes to postcards'' thing?) when he was seriously ill. It was touching. So again, many thanks to the fans and all the musicians who participated! - Anyway, silly enough I left the signed book in the gangway and someone else picked it up. Unfortunately not to return it to the receiption or bar staff, but to keep it for him/herself. After the party in John B.'s room I recognized the loss, but the book was gone (no surprise...). Very sad and upset I went to bed, hoping to receive the book back the next morning somehow. Unluckily this did not happen.
(Addition May 26th, 2003:) The ''searching for the lost book'' campaign at this website went out a success. Today I received back the Feelgood Story book! Check the Lew Lewis special page for the whole story and a scan of the autograph.
~ Gabi


.. ..
Setlists of the night - Slightly changed while events took place


OPENING the great night were SLIM (vocals, accordeon), GYPIE MAYO (guitar), PHIL MITCHELL (bass) and THE BIG FIGURE (drums):


Lee Brilleaux Memorial Fund CHARITY AUCTION. Chris Fenwick auctioning Paul Shuttleworth's oil painting from Dr Feelgood:


DR FEELGOOD - Robert Kane (vocals, harmonica), Steve Walwyn (guitar), Phil Mitchell (bass), Kevin Morris (drums)
with LEW LEWIS (harmonica) as surprise guests
(My personal brightest highlight of the day, as I never before saw Lew performing live!):


...with GYPIE MAYO (guitar), SPARKO (bass) and GORDON RUSSELL (guitar) - 5 generations of Dr Feelgood share the stage:


DR FEELGOOD - Steve Walwyn (guitar), Phil Mitchell (bass), Kevin Morris (drums)
with BILLY BOY MISKIMMEN (vocals, harmonica / ex-Nine Below Zero) - presented some Rolling Stones songs:


Sorry folks, I took no photos from the Two Timers, Mike Sanchez, Paul Shuttleworth and the other line-up constellations. I spent much time to chat with many people, which was great too. Like I usually say, the memorials are the days when I wish to be able to split (at least) into two persons! But don't worry, there were quite a few friends and fans taking photos, some of them promised to send their material to complete the ''big overview''. So check back and have a look at the Links to more photos of the 10th Lee Memorial.
~ Gabi

ADDITION on June 18th, 2003: Mark Fielder has emailed three photos he took from some ''Vintage Feelgoods'' and me, hanging out in the gangway of the Oysterfleet. It's GYPIE MAYO (guitar), THE BIG FIGURE (drums) and SPARKO (bass):

.. .. ..
(Although I hate to always look silly when I am happy, thanks a lot to Mark for these nice shots!)

.. .. .. ..
Gypie, Steve, Phil & Robert -------------- Lew Lewis -------------- Mike Sanchez -------------- Gabi and Warren Kennedy
Michel and Gabi at the Oysterfleet
(Merci Michel, also for the fantastic private photos from The Clash & Hot Rods at Mont de Marsan. C'est magnifique!!!)
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10th Memorial Photos Collection 2



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