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May 4th Oyster Fleet Hotel, Canvey Island, Essex

The 7th Lee Brilleaux Memorial Gig.

On May 4th. 'Less than Bless'd' (L.T.B.) opened the proceedings at what has become an annual fund raiser for the 'Southend Community Extended Nursing Team' (S.C.E.N.T.). And a blimmin' good job we made of it too! Over the past seven years, through these concerts, over £20,0000 has been raised in memory of Dr. Feelgood's late front-man.

Apart from the obvious serious side to these gigs there is a true feeling of celebration of the man's life and achievements in that many of his friends and co-musicians are there to give of their time and effort to ensure the success of each of the annual bashes.

For those who attended this year there were some suprises and a few treats in store. Having kicked off the proceedings, L.T.B. relinquished the stage to 'Deano's Marvels', a stomping good band who managed to wind the crown up "good and proper"! They were followed by ex Feelgoods guitarist Gordon Russell and his beautiful and talented partner, Sarah James. They are known as "Two Timers". A fine act!!

Following on, after a short wait came one of the legends from the 70's! the Fabulous 'Kursaal Flyers', deservedly famous for their hit song, "Little Does She Know", but, sadly, not so well known for the wonderful stage-show and musician ship featured in their live act. Maybe this is because, these days, they only play together once a year at the Memorial Show. A shame for all of us!

Then came a show that all Feelgood afficianados should see at least once in their lives. It started with the current line up of Robert Kane (Front-man), Steve Walwyn (Guitar), Kevin Morris (Drums) and Phil Mitchell (Bass). Then Robert, Kevin and Steve stood down and Wilko Johnston and the Figure played and then all sorts of things happened including a power overload, Dave Bronze and Sparko taking turns on the bass, Wilko and Steve and then Steve and Gordon Russell, (I stopped taking notes at about this time!) playing guitar together - all either traditional Feelgood songs or numbers from the new album, Chess Masters.

People come from all over the world for these gatherings! Thanks to everyone for a wonderful evening!

Paul Townshend - May 11th, 2000
(Editor of The UK Gig Guide)
Thanks to Paul for sending the review.



Oysterfleet Hotel, Canvey Island 4/5/00

This was the 7th memorial concert to remember one of the major figures of the British R'n'B scene and to raise money for local charity. Prior to this year the memorial concerts and associated activities have raised in excess of £20K for the S.C.E.N.T Nurses, who helped care for Lee Brilleaux towards the end of his life. The sold out concert saw five acts, headlined by Dr Feelgood & Friends, the "Friends' being Wilko Johnson, The Big Figure, Sparko, Dave Bronze and Gordon Russell. Seeing Wilko cutting across the stage playing the Feeigood classics such as 'Roxette" certainly brought back a lot of fond memories. Another highlight was the "guitar sparring" of Gordon Russell and Steve Walwyn at the end of the night. Once again a fitting tribute to the man that, certainly in the eyes of Feelgood fans, made a difference and through the money raised will continue to help others. The major highlight of the night was an all too rare British appearance by the Two Timers. This duo of Gordon Russell and Sarah James has developed into a very professional and dynamic outfit. The combination of Gordon Russell's guitar / mandolin playing and Sarah James's percussion / vocal talents gives rise to a very entertaining and somewhat unique set (more details on the duo can be found in Blueprint issue 28). This mini-set commenced with "Larry's Last Goodbye" from their current CD, Aubrey Rex and Other Stories. This was then followed by a further track called 'Out Of My Head' with the unique percussion playing and mature vocal delivery of James really lifting the crowd. Having appeared at the previous year's concert they are clearly established as a favourite act. A real energy driven delivery of John Fogerty's 'Travellin' Band" showed their ability to produce a real R'n'B sound, this was subtly followed by another original in 'My Big Mistake". A step back to Russell's time with the Feelgoods and a Wilko Johnson song 'I Don't Mind", again powerfully andcolourfully delivered. The set ended with two more original songs, taken from the current CD, 'Everybody Else’ and 'Good Glasses'. The only slight downside was that the schedule prevented the Two Timers from delivering an encore. The freshness that Two Timers bring is something that hopefully more people in Britain will get to experience in the near future.

Geoff Rippon - BLUEPRINT MAGAZINE July 2000 / UK



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