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FEELIN' GOOD Newsletter Issue 26/Jan. 2002

Published with friendly permission of editor John Butterfield, who can be contacted at:

Dr. Feelgood Information Service

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I've got to admit I'm cheating a little bit as I'm writing this issue during the Naughty tour to ensure you all get this before the Xmas chaos.

I met the tour on Day 3 at Newark arriving at the pub next to where we were staying an hour earlier than planned so to kill a bit of time I hit the bar. The Feelgoods arrived at 3pm in two vehicles, the van and Whitey in his car. I was sharing with Whitey which I was glad about as last time I shared a room with him was on the ferry to France in May and to be honest I was unwell and actually lost my voice at 1am so my chatting was very limited. Whitey had been on the first few shows along with Steve and Carl from the Southend Echo who were planning an article. Whitey told me of the date for the 2002 Lee Brilleaux Memorial and was pleased to say it will be on Lee's birthday Friday 10th May. Tickets will be £12.50 so book your place now by sending off to Grand Records (Don't forget to make cheques payable to "Fairhavens SCENT" as all proceeds go towards the team who nursed Lee in his final days). It always sells out so be warned!! There are also plans to repeat the Walk around Canvey Island too on the same day (check out with Grand for details). At 5pm we headed off to the Palace Theatre, Newark. The Feelgoods performed a new song as a soundcheck "Halfway to Memphis". This song was wrote by Robert Kane when he was in the Alligators. The Feelgoods original set list for the naughty tour was gonna open with "Nadine" followed by "Don't start me talking", "She does it right", "Milk & Alcohol", "Jetty Blues", "Halfway to Memphis", "Back in the night", Roxette", "She's a wind up", Down at the Dr's", "Gimmie one more shot" and the encore "Mad Man Blues". Unfortunately the band had to lose two songs to keep within the time limits set by the theatres and the ones which had to go were "Halfway" and "Wind up", however at a later date "Halfway" will be in the Feelgood set so listen out for it. The actual gig started as it had done the first two nights with John Otway doing a short spot before introducing the Kursaal Flyers before coming on again to play up until the Interval. After the break it was the Feelgoods with the set as above minus "Halfway" & "Wind up" before a short break while the drum kit was swapped around as Fito from Canned Heat is left handed before Canned Heat played till the end of the night.

The next day Robert was travelling in my car to Warrington where we arrived at 4pm to check into where we were staying before meeting the van at 4.30pm to go to the Parr Hall. After setting up etc Phil and I had a wander to the pub to check out the real ales on offer before returning to the Hall for 7.30pm. Earlier in the day it had been decided to change the running order and open with the Kursaal Flyers going straight into their set of their very own classic songs from the 70's and then John Otway and Richard Holgarth playing their two spots combined. It seemed to make sense and just flowed more naturally.

The next day (Day 5) was a Saturday so Phil and I set off early (10am) after checking out the football fixtures. Phil chose to go and see Wigan who were playing a non-league team so I agreed and off we went. We arrived at Wigan before lunch so found a bar which was showing a match live on TV before going to the Wigan game. We got tickets for the home end and sat down to enjoy a great game of football where the surprise result was the non-league team Canvey Island beating 2nd Division opposition. No time for celebrating though as we had to dash off to Morecambe Platform. We got there for 6.30pm. The show was getting better each night and as always I met up with many people from the Information Service on each night but no time for name checks here (sorry). At the end of the night a chance for a late drink at the hotel was on offer so that was it. I decided to try out a few magic tricks on John Otway and Richard at 3am which was okay but when Richard tried to copy the pen through Otway's £10 note trick, I can still picture Otway's face when he was handed the note back. Next time you see Richard ask him to demonstrate it but this time offer him a £20 note!!! The next day I left to go back home whilst the tour continued down south to Southsea. The tour is only 40 days this time but returns to some of the best shows on last years outing and a new cast with Kursaal Flyers and Canned Heat.

So there's the Memorial to look forward to but don't forget the Feelgoods could be playing at the "Festival of Rock & Blues" at Butlins, Skegness 8th to 11th March 2002. It hasn't been advertised by us before due to the possibility it could clash with a planned tour of France. This now looks unlikely as the French tour will start the following week. The line up will be the usual R&B merchants such as Feelgood, Wilko, Eddie & Hot Rods, Animals, Eric Bell, John Coughlan, Creedence, Nine Below Zero, etc etc. far too many to list here other than to say it really is a weekend packed with good music and real good company. It also is very cheap with accommodation and free entry to all the shows included in the price. Get the Butlins' brochure for full details.

Well that's it for this issue - thanks to all the usual people including Christine Atkinson for Who do You Love, Scrambled, and What's the song?, Phil Adams for the Belgium review, Ian Fawkes for the other two reviews (keep on the train Ian!!) and as always Andy Collinson for the printing. The next issue will be out at the end of March so please send SAEs for a copy and any articles or ideas are also very welcome. Don't forget I can also be contacted via e mail. [John Butterfield's current contact details.]

Keep on Feeliní Good
John Butterfield



Let's set the scene:

Me and Betty where having a quiet drink in the pub, when this bloke came up to Betty at the bar. He's got blonde hair, deep brown eyes and a smile to die for. He's also got an attitude that cuts. (He's a MALE TART.)

As he says hello to Betty (who is a 5ft 9in red haired with legs up to her neck) he puts on a pair of small round sunglasses. (He's a nutter, must be out for the day) Then he begins to tell Betty that he'd walked forty seven miles of barbed wire, has a cobra snake for a neck tie, got a brand new house on the roadside, made from rattle snake hide, (this Tart likes to brag a bit) Got a brand new chimney made on top, made out of human skull (he's a sandwich short of a picnic). Then he asked Betty take a walk with me baby!!!!!!

Betty I said, "you're mad, look at him, he's a sip short of a pint," and his mates in the corner look well dodgy. Then he began to ask Betty Who Do You LOVE??????

DON'T answer that I told her.

Anyway he brought his tomato juice over and kept up the crap. He continued to tell Betty that Tombstone hand and a graveyard mind, just twenty-two and I don't mind dying (he's a lot more than twenty two, poor sod. Should I tell him or you? )

Well Betty and I just looked at each other, I pointed to his mates again, he had three pals in the corner looking very dodgy, One of them was banging the table like he was trying to play the drums or something.

Anyway the MALE TART started this Who Do You LOVE stuff again (this boy has not taken his medication today has he) The bloke was in a bit of a state, this was easy to see. He began to tell Betty that he rode around town, used a rattlesnake whip then he said to Betty "don't give me no lip".

So I said to the barmaid "I bet he's a laugh on a Saturday nite at 11-30pm with his rattlesnake whip" and she replied, "It's the one in his pant's you want to worry about".

By this time his mates (the dodgy crew) looked well oiled, one was on the table doing what looked like an attempted at a guitar solo (I was not about to tell him he didn't have a guitar, anyway he was enjoying himself.) Then there was the one in the corner who seemed very quiet until the football went on the telly, then he started running around pretending to be a ref, shouting at people at the bar, boy this was turning into be a fun nite out.

Yet again the MALE TART began to ask Betty who do you love, I shook my head and wondered if this boy would ever get the hint that it wasn't him. All of a sudden they all came to life and began to shout who do you love to everyone and anyone, then the TART and the football ref began to sing, When the night was black and the sky was blue, down the alley an iceman flew (we'd had a few Carlsberg special brew, but not that many) Hill up home, someone screamed you should have heard just what I've seen. That's it these boys need help, bless their cotton socks not one of these lot was a full shilling, as they again sang Who do you love.

Finish your drink I told Betty time to get out of here, as we did a big white van pulled up outside, and a female came in the door. The tarts eyes light up straight away. The tart went up to her and she took his hand, as she did this she pointed at the rest of the dodgy crew and said to them Uh you boys you know I understand and she also began to say Who do you love, she continued to ask them all this as she walked them all out of the door and into the big white van.

That is the last we saw of them, if anyone does see them make sure you send them red star to PO BOX 94.


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