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Snippets of FEELIN' GOOD Issue 10/January 1998

Published with friendly permission of editor John Butterfield.


LOOKIN' BACK (at 1997)

JANUARY: The 6th Issue of "Feelin' Good" released containing "Instinct to Survive" biog plus reviews of Robin Hood gig ( 1/6/96) and details of TWO new services; the info service on the Internet operated by Gabi from Germany and Wilko Johnsons official newsletter "Some Kind of Hero" from Alan Grundy, II Darley Ave, Farnsworth, Bolton, BL4 7RU (please send SAE), "Buddy Buddy Friends" featured Phil Mitchell. The Feelgoods visited The Gighouse Recording Studios near Leamington Spa (Steve's hometown) on 8th/9th and recorded "Shakin all over" and "Back in the Night" with a harmonica riff at the end. The latter part of January saw the Feelgoods playing in Coventry, Portsmouth, Devizes and Bournemouth before one night in Bern, Switzerland.
FEBRUARY: Sweden (5th - 17th) followed by shows in Denmark and Norway.
MARCH: On the 3rd the Feelgoods played a storming set at Skegness as part of the British Rock & Blues festival (to be repeated this year in Wales), a week in Italy before a pair of dates at Englebern and St Gallen (14th/15th). A short tour of the UK starting at Lutterworth (20th) and ending at Bognor Regis (24th) followed by a well deserved holiday.
APRIL: The first visit of 1997 to the Netherlands.
MAY: A visit to Belgium and on the 5th the release of a Double compilation CD "25 Years of Dr Feelgood" with 40 tracks and a bargain at only £15. The Lee Brilleaux Birthday Memorial was held at Southend Maritime Rooms and it was great to see many members of the Information Service there. Some ex members of the Feelgoods could not be there and apologies were received from Wilko, Gypie (out of the country with "The Yardbirds") and Sparko (medical reasons forbade him to play). The next day the band travelled to London for a dinnertime session at Virgin Records and an evening gig at Worcester Park Tavern. Saturday 10th it was back to London to the Roadhouse before the trip to Dudley and Bournemouth. A trio of Scandinavian dates in Norway and Sweden before a night at Burnley (23rd). A quick flight to Switzerland (24th) then onto Finland (30/31st).
JUNE: Pete found time on his hands in Finland so at Seawolf Studios, Helsinki he recorded 15 tracks on 2nd/3rd to be released later on CD under the title "Out Of Hours". Back with the Feelgoods it was a return to Holland (6th/7th), Switzerland and Italy before London on the 18th. A session with the BBC on 25th where they recorded "Wine, Women, Whiskey", "World Keeps Turning", "Instinct To Survive" to be broadcast on the Paul Jones show in Autumn. The month ended with 3 French shows.
JULY: a quiet month due to holidays but some gigs in Dole, Geneva, Spain and Denmark and a show in Croatia before a few nights in Switzerland.
AUGUST: Dates in France, Holland and Sweden.
SEPTEMBER: The Swedish tour which began 26th August continued up to the 12th, one night in Zuerich (13th) before returning home for a short break and then back on the road again to Denmark (17th-22nd), Sweden (23rd- 28th).
OCTOBER: Issue 9 of "Feelin' Good" released including a special insert "Down at the Doctors" which attempted to answer the more frequent questions fans ask me about! Grand Records ordered extra copies to mail out to people on their database. More touring this time in Spain (8th-19th), one show in Verviers (Belgium) before a tour of France (22nd-2nd).
NOVEMBER: Switzerland (5th-16th) followed by a short break to recharge the batteries for the Autumn UK tour which kicked off in Middlesbrough on the 26th then onto Scarborough, Hexham, South Shields, Wembley, Dudley.
DECEMBER: The tour continued at Coventry (3rd), Ringwood, Taunton, Covent Garden, Sheffield, Chester, Preston, Alnwick, Kendal, Mansfield, Southampton, Cleethorpes, Leeds, Northampton, Norwich, Fratton, Bournemouth, Ipswich and ending with a home gig at Southend (27th).



Last September saw the release of a CD called "The Best of Dr Feelgood" on EMI records. It featured 18 tracks : "She does it right, Route 66, Roxette, Sneakin' Suspicion, She's a Wind up, Baby Jane, Down at the Doctors, Night Time, Milk & Alcohol, Looking back , I'm a man, As long as the price is right, Hong Kong Money, Jumping from love to love, Violent love, Blues had a baby, Bony Moronie, Going back home". 'I'he CD was released without the prior knowledge of Dr Feelgood and was swiftly withdrawn from sale in October. I personally agree with the withdrawal of the CD as I feel it is not proper to call it "The BEST of Dr Feelgood" when it only covers the first 8 years of Dr Feelgood - what happened to the other 17? Anyhow good news follows as it reopened dialogue between EMI and Dr Feelgood and permission has now been granted to Grand Records to release the Number One album "STUPIDITY" on the Grand label. This means it can be bought at gigs and by mail order. Full details of the Grand release will appear in the next issue of Feelin' Good (April). More record news later in this issue is details of ex guitarist from the Feelgoods Gordon Russell and his Two Timers CD. An interesting CD arrived from the Nederlands on the Pub Records label called "What's in the Pub in 1999" a follow up compilation containing 20 tracks from UK and Dutch bands. It opens with a live Lew Lewis track "Shame, shame, shame" and continues with tracks by Eddie & the Hot Rods "Only You" (studio outtake), Inmates "Sweet sweet lovin" (LIVE), Canvey Island Allstars "Werewolves of London" and pub rock from the Nederlands courtesy of Doctors Orders with their version of "99 and a half". Ask at a good import shop quoting "Pub Records Pub 002 CD" or write to Pub Records, Straatdijk 9, 3247 BX Dirksland, HOLLAND. Another new information service is the OFFICIAL newsletter for fans of Eddie & the Hot Rods called "Writing on the wall" (Note by Gabi: Visit my Eddie & The Hot Rods website.). It's issued quarterly and is free on suppyling SAEs to "Writing on the wall", 8 George Frederick Road, Streetly, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B73 6TB. It's a good read and contains information on related bands as well as latest info on the Rods. Back to Feelgood news - unexpected publicity in the Sun in September. I remember seeing an article in the late 70's when Diana Spencer listed her favourite group was DR FEELGOOD! - Does anyone have a copy? On September 1st 1997 a Sun article looked back on the life of Lady Diana and it mentioned her spending evenings listening to her favourite Dire Straits or Dr Feelgood records. Talking about old articles - I am currently seeking copies of interviews with Lee Brilleaux in any format from newspapers, magazines, fanzines, radio, TV, etc. 'I'here are many interviews on a local, national and international basis. Please send me copies with details of origin (location, date etc) and in the case of non English interviews it would be greatly appreciated if a translation was included. Also I am asking fans to send me their personal reviews of their favourite Dr Feelgood album to include in future issues of "Feelin' Good" - remember the Information Service is for YOU so all contributions welcome. (Note by Gabi: John speaks deeply out from my soul because me too seeks for anything useful for this website. Please let me know if you got some stuff to share with all of us. Thanks a lot!)



Members of the Dr Feelgood Information Service are once again given advance news of the 5th Lee Brilleaux Memorial Concert. The date for this event is THURSDAY 11th JUNE 1998 and will be held at The Oyster Fleet Hotel on Canvey Island. The Oyster Fleet is very important in Feelgood history as the Feelgoods played the "Down at the Doctors" sessions at the Dr Feelgood Music Bar which was then demolished and the Oyster Fleet Hotel built on the site. Tickets (as usual) are very limited. Admission by ticket only as the show is guarantee to SELL OUT so take advantage of this special advance offer of £10 per ticket available from Grand Records, l07a High Street, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 7RF (Note by Gabi: You have to make out your cheque payable to FAIRHAVENS SCENT! And please include a self addressed stamped envelope ir International Reply Coupon for the return of the tickets.). I cannot confirm which artistes will be appearing as ALL artistes give their services completely FREE to allow AIl proceeds to be given to charity but anyone who has been to previous concerts will know that anyone is likely to get up and play. If you intend going it is wise to order tickets NOW even though tickets are not yet printed but will be allocated on a "first come first served" basis.


They say you never forget the first time. Brilleaux in his "Alec Guiness" white suit; Wilko out of control, and Sparko and Figure both seemed to have eaten all the pies! The band at their peak, 1975 (?) at Leeds University, with G. T. Moore and his Reggae Guitars! "One outfit is still going, the other sank without trace" is my response to these trendy Marley-ites who went only to watch the latter.
The Gypie era performances are clouded, as yours truly was in a permanent state of alcoholic distevellment; I found my tour programme, with Squeeze in support. I'll take their word for it!
On to Johnny Guitar's years - two visits to Leeds featuring a slimmed down Sparko (by the second he'd departed). Johnny Guitar's face set in concentration and sweat as he wrestled with "Roxette", and great performances of arguably their best ever single "Waiting for Saturday night"! Did someone merely forget to leave it off "25 years"?
Suddenly it's 1983, and Dr Feelgood are playing the infamous "Fforde Grene" for a couple of quid. Brilleaux in denim jacket, takes the stage alongside 3 blokes who looked (and, sadly, played) as though he'd just met them in the public bar. Who there would have thought that in a few years time they'd have reaffirmed Feelgood's position as Britains No. 1. R'n'B outfit.
Six years on, and a tentative Steve Walwyn is making his Feelgood debut "Live in London". It is with absolutely no disrespect to other Feelgood guitarists, but S. W. is the best exponent of the Wilko catalogue since the man himself.
1995 comes around, and the boys ask Pete Gage to seemingly do the impissible. A cold November night, playing in a venue that had been poorly advertised, must have set them (and him) wondering if it was worth it. Like real pros, they played their hearts out "Sneakin' Suspicion" was my second surprise of the evening (the first was how I'd been sold ticket no 201 the previous week).
Two years on, and the Feelgood flag is still flying, and on a purely selfish note, how about another stab at "Night Time", if only to erase the memory of 1983?

John Alderdice (KIPPAX)
P.S. Congratulations to Steve Smith on prising my Oil Sheiks single from me.

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