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Snippets of FEELIN' GOOD Issue 14/January 1999

Published with friendly permission of editor John Butterfield.


HEALTH WARNING / LEGAL DISCLAIMER issued by Chemical Straitjacket Productions - persons of unsound mind, should seek medical assessment prior to venturing into this publication. Dr. Feelgood cannot be held responsible for any untoward incidents, so check yourself before out before you check it out. We want you to keep on FEELIN' GOOD, and enjoying the sound of Dr. Feelgood.

WELCOME to this special edition of "Feelin' Good", which hopefully has the information you need about Britain's finest Rhythm & Blues band - "Dr. Feelgood".

Great news to report on in this special issue: "Feelin' Good" has managed after much persuasion, cajoling, pints of beer and lots of gin, threats of blackmail etc., to secure an exclusive, quite cheap, contract with Johnny Green, for the next 4 issues. Johnny will provide us with a different insight into the Feelgoods past and present. This is an exclusive for the Dr. Feelgood Information Service.

I am always looking for new ideas to include in "Feelin' Good", and all contributions are most welcome - just drop me a line. Suggested articles include gig reviews, interviews, CD/Video reviews, records wanted, questions about Dr. Feelgood. A proposed new regular article will feature local bands that are influenced, or play some Dr Feelgood tracks. We all know there are plenty of good bands out there not getting the recognition they deserve, and this is one way of Dr. Feelgood thanking them for promoting Feelgood R & B. Hopefully some fans will turn up at a local gig and check them out - remember no one knows what type of music a band plays unless they are guided in the right direction. I am also still looking for Lee Brilleaux interviews, in any format - please send to me, but remember, my knowledge of other languages is quite limited, so please send translation where appropriate. ("Butterfield's knowledge of all languages is limited" - Johnny Green Esq ). (Note by Gabi: Like usual me too needs any Feelgood related stuff to include on this website, so please let me know if you got something. English and german reports etc don't need a translation.)

The newsletter is printed every quarter, and available free from Dr. Feelgood Information Service, PO Box 94, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, TS4 3YX, England on receipt of 4 A5 self addressed stamped envelopes per year if in the U.K.. Fans outside these shores must enclose 4 International Reply Coupons (available from Post Offices in own country), as well as the A5 self addressed envelopes. Incorrect size envelopes and postage delay distribution of the newsletter. Please state the last issue you received to avoid duplication. (Please read detailed Supplying Info in case it might have changed since the date of print.)

Thanks go to the people who have made this issue possible, firstly: Chris and Ann from the office, Dr. Feelgood, Andy Collinson (Design & Printing of newsletter), John Alderdice (Doc Words), Graham Ellis (Word Search), John Rigg (Cartoon), Steve Smith, Gabi, and of course Johnny Green.

Newsletters for 1999 are planned to be out in April, July and October so get writing with your contributions!!

John Butterfield


Howdy, Hiya, Y'awl, Good Day or just plain Hello. It's your old mate and everyone's mate Johnny here. I'd like to show my appreciation to your editor John Butterfield, for allowing me to share some of my thoughts and ramblings about Dr. Feelgood, past and present. One way of showing appreciation would be to buy John a drink, but that would be pushing it a bit, and a totally unacceptable change in my pattern of behaviour. I honestly and truly cannot recall when I last had the indignity of purchasing alcohol for another being - in fact I have tremendous difficulty in recalling purchase for ones self. Anyhow, John has asked me to review ALL the CD's on Grand Records, in this veritable issue of "Feelin Good", but, in his generous way and totally agreeable to me, has restricted my reviews to one sentence per CD. I love this, as I am a firm believer of not wasting valuable drinking time, so get any Feelgood CD on, turn it up loud, have a glass in hand, and on with the show.

Johnny Green

Grand 1 - Private Practice "Best Gypie album ever with classic tracks "Milk & Alcohol" and "Down at the Doctors".
Grand 2 - Mad Man Blues "Gordon Russell's great guitar playing with Lee's inimitable vocals show Feelgoods at their bluesiest".
Grand 3 - Fast Women and Slow Horses "Some sing-a-long songs, great for the car cassette".
Grand 4 - Brilleaux "A Stiff release, with the most original sleeve picture ever".
Grand 5 - Down by the Jetty "The very first album, Feelgoods with Wilko "raw to the bone".
Grand 6 - Doctors Orders "Introduced Kevin & Phil to Dr. Feelgood, contains some very solid rhythm".
Grand 7 - Let it Roll "Feels good from my head to my toes".
Grand 8 - Live in London "Steve Walwyn live in the Town & Country Club in good old London, hence the very original title!".
Grand 9 - Malpractice "My favourite Wilko album, every track storms along, and brings back memories of good times on the road".
Grand 10 - A Case of the Shakes "Perfect for parties".
Grand 11 - Classic "The best tracks are the originals, such as "Quit", "Crack me up" and "Nothing like it"'.
Grand 12 - Primo "The band were going through some changes, but "Don't Worry Baby, the were not Going Down".
Grand 13 - Sneakin Suspicion "I like Wilkos contributions to this, but the strain of fame led to his departure, and what an album to leave with".
Grand 14 - Be Seeing You "Gypie marked his debut with his signature of classics, including "She's a wind up" etc.".
Grand 15 - As it Happens "1979 live album with NO Wilko tracks to reinforce Gypies membership".
Grand 16 - On the Job "The last Gypie album, also live, but a couple of years later - still no Wilko tunes".
Grand 17 - The Feelgood Factor "Mainly original songs by Whirlwind, Kevin and Bronzie, recorded amidst several pub crawls of Monmouth ".
Grand 18 - Down at the Doctors "The last live concerts of the late great Mr. Lee Brilleaux - no one can have any excuse not to have this in their collection ".
Grand 19 - On The Road Again "Title informs of Dr.Feelgood back rocking away with Pete Gage on vocals".
Grand 20 - 25 Years of Dr. Feelgood "Double compilation of 40 tracks".
Grand 21 - Stupidity "The number one album of the Feelgoods live at their peak in the 70's".
Grand 22 - Live at the BBC (1974-75) "Rare, live and raw classic tracks, but fresh - and BBC sound quality".


During the Feelgoods recording history, there have been several tracks associated with DRINKING (Alcoholic or not). Here is my little list:

A Case of the Shakes
A Touch of Class
Bend Your Ear
Bums Rush
Down at the Doctors
Going Back Home
I Thought I had it Made    
Java Blue
Let's have a Party
Milk & Alcohol
My Sugar turns to Alcohol
Punch Drunk
Trying to live my life without You
Waiting for Saturday Night
Wine Women Whiskey
World in a Jug

Steve Smith
Thanks Steve - Anyone else got any suggestions for associated tracks. (John Butterfield).



It's me again folks, your ole mate Johnny Green. Whilst we all know without doubt, that Dr. Feelgood are the finest purveyors of R'n'B in this sceptred isle of ours, there are some other fine bands worth checking out. Here follows some useful contacts on such bands:

"Some Kind Of Hero"
c/o Alan Grundy
11 Darley Avenue, Farnworth, Bolton, Lancashire, BL4 7RU, England
Please send SAE/IRC for latest copy.

Gabi's Wilko Johnson Band Special Pages
Official Wilko Johnson Band Website (external link)

E-mail: twotimers@bigfoot.com

c/o Credo Records
P.O. Box 58, Crowborough, TN6 2ZT, England
Please send SAE/IRC for latest date sheet etc.
c/o Grand Records
107a High Street, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 /RF, England
Please send SAE/IRC for latest date sheet etc.

Gabi's Official Two Timers Website

"Writing On The Wall"
c/o Alan Heaven
8 George Frederick Road, Streetly, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B73 6TB, England
Please send SAE/IRC for latest copy. (Better check out if the service still works. I have not received a newsletter since a long time!)

Gabi's Official Eddie & The Hot Rods Website

P.O. Box 835, Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex, SS0 0SQ, England
Send name and address to receive news and gig lists.

Rocking Rodents 24 hour gig line: (0044) - (0)161 2306369
E-mail: 3geezers@the-hamsters.demon.co.uk
Official The Hamsters Website (external link)

c/o Sally Stokes
62 Gresty Terrace, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 5EW, England
Please send SAE/IRC for details of info service. (Better check out if the service still works. I have not received a newsletter since a long time!)

The Official Nine Below Zero Website unfortunately IS OFF THE NET now. If someone out there knows of a new site, please let me know the URL! (Addition on April 9, 2000: The new NBZ wesite is up in the meantime at www.ninebelowzero.com)



(Note by Gabi: Obviously no need to include this part of John's newsletter - you are here already :-) - nevertheless it was so nice to get such great comments and advertisement for this website, so here we go:)

People with access to the internet are strongly advised, in fact, the Good Doctor orders you, to check out Gabi's website (the OFFICIAL Feelgood Website). One page here cannot do it justice, but here's an overview to hope- fully encourage you to search the web for the real thing. The Home Page lists many categories, some self explanatory, others maybe not, but that's a very good reason for checking them out yourself. I'll handover to Johnny to whet your appetite:

TOURDATES - The most up to date gig list you can get hold of as dates printed in "Feelin' Good" are often provisional, and so subject to change.
FEELGOOD NOW - A look at todays line up, with some extra snippets.
MESSAGE BOARD - The fans can send questions/messages to be viewed by anyone - and who knows who will answer their queries!
BAND HISTORY - An in depth look at Feelgoods past and present.
BIOGRAPHIES - More extra snippets and gems of information.
TREASURE BOX - A new addition with some pretty off beat and whacky topics. (Note by Gabi: After the re-design of this website the includes of the former Treasure Box were added to the few of the new sections.)
LYRICS A-Z - The challenge is on to list all the Feelgood lyrics.
LEE MEMORIALS - The highlight of each year is recorded with some insider information.
EX FEELGOODS - News of what they're up to or not up to, along with more previosly unreported pearls of wisdom.
WILKO JOHNSON / TWO TIMERS - Special sections devoted entirely to them.
NEW ENTRIES / NEWS & GOSSIP - Get the news as it happens!!

Well done Gabi for a brilliant web site which merits the praise bestowed upon it - a site that is continually evolving with Dr Feelgood.


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