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FEELIN' GOOD Newsletter Issue 32/July 2003

Published with friendly permission of editor John Butterfield.

Dr. Feelgood Information Service

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Help Me

The two new CDs were released as promised in May and the lucky people who managed to get a ticket for the Lee Brilleaux Birthday Memorial were able to buy them on the night (before they were officially released). I say ''lucky people'' as once again the event did indeed SELL OUT well in advance and I apologise here to anyone who left it too late to get a ticket. It is worth putting next years date in the diary as soon as it is announced (usually in the October newsletter) and book your accommodation ar the Oyster Fleet, which was also sold out and I heard there were several people who slept in their cars! The Memorial raised £3,886 making a total so far of £32,221 towards SCENT. People there will have witnessed a stunning act Mike Sanchez who used to be part of the Big Town Playboys along with Steve Walwyn. I've known Mike for some time now and he always gives a great show. Various Feelgoods such as Big Figure, Gypie Mayo, Sparko and Gordon Russell made an appearance as well as a surprise guest (to be revealed later). As I requested in the last issue, if anyone has done a review I would be most grateful to receive it for inclusion in a future ''Feelin' Good''.

I arrived early afternoon and joined the Feelgood Brewery Support Group in the beer garden along with my good lady wife and several members of the Info Service. Gabi, the Feelgood web mistress, was there too. Throughout the afternoon different musicians arrived and sound checked in the Lakeside Suite. At dinner we joined the table with the Big Figure and his wife who had come over from their home in France especially for the Memorial and caught up on various happenings from Phil, Kevin, Steve and Robert too. As our room doubled up as the dressing room we managed to chat with all the artistes throughout the evening even if it meant we missed some of the show!! My memory cells recall the show opening with Slim Taylor on accordion backed by the Feelgoods. Slim used to play in Howlin' Wilf and the Vee Jays who once supported Dr Feelgood at the London Town & Country Club. He covered classics such as "Fine Fine Fine", "Saw her standing there", "Wooly Bully" and even a version of "Paranoid" (where was Ozzy?). At 9pm the auctioneer Mr Chris Fenwick sold the oil painting by Paul Shuttleworth. I carried the painting off stage but contrary to rumours was not the purchaser as it was bought by Clair and her hubby from the Black Horse at Nettleham. Dr Feelgood then played a short set of "Nadine", "Roxette", "She does it right", Don't start me talking", The Walk", "I can tell", "Help me", and "Gimmie one more shot". One late arrival and not confirmed until he arrived was the guest harmonica player on "Help me" being someone I had not seen for too long a year, the one and only Lew Lewis! It was great to see him back up on a stage playing harp like only he can - let's hope he gets a band together in the future so people can hear his classics such as "Boogie on the Street", "Out for a Lark" etc - maybe Wilko could team up with him again?? Paul Shuttleworth then showed us what he is more famous for by singing some Kursaal classics backed by Steve, Phil and Kevin. They also played "Leather Heart" a song much welcomed and appreciated by it's author Steve Hooker who was there to witness it. At 10pm we had Mike Sanchez with just keyboards and his personality and showmanship boogieing away in the centre of the stage. A trio who have not played for some time followed with Robert Kane on vocals - the Figure, Gypie and Sparko playing "Wind up", "Baby Jane" and "Looking Back" which had to feature two vocalists with Robert being joined by Sarah from Two Timers. As usual the finale had to be various Dr Feelgood connotations with guests gladly joining them at various stages. "Milk & Alcohol" featured Steve and Gordon Russell on guitar a song they have both played hundreds of times and Gordon had played it recently due to him standing in for Steve on a French tour with Dr Feelgood. A couple of Rolling Stones tunes "Miss you" and a song I never actually heard featured another guest harp player in [ex-]Nine Below Zero's Billy Boy. Steve's solo on "Down by the Jetty Blues" was just as long as it always is and followed by his self penned song "Instinct to survive". "Back in the night" and "Shake your Money Maker", "If my Baby quits me" before the Wilko song "Going Back Home" (Wilko was playing in London so could not be there) with Gordon Russell on guitar then "Slow Down" with Gordon and Mike Sanchez who remained onstage for "Down at the Drs". A great night once again and we carried on drinking and chatting in the dressing room/our bedroom until almost 4am.

Prior to the Memorial it was Phil's 50th birthday bash which he held at the Club Riga in March. Musical entertainment was provided by Vic Collin's (ex Kursaal Flyers) band "The Magnets" as well as some unplanned appearances of the Feelgoods and Ian Gibbons with a selection of Chess Masters and "Down at the Drs" with Mr Mitchell on lead vocals!! There were many musicians in the club but surprise guests for Phil were members of Love Affair of which Andy Thomas sorted out a picture of us all in the toilets?? The strange thing is both Phil and I had a pint of beer in our hands but cannot remember why we took them into the toilets with us??

The next 50th will be Chris Fenwick in November and I remember attending his 40th with Lee and Shirley in 1993 when Lee thought he was getting better. The night before Chris's party both Lee and I had travelled to the Dr Feelgood Music Bar to watch Nine Below Zero play.

Steve Walwyn will be going on the road in September by getting on his bike and cycling for charity. He is attempting to cycle all the way from Lands End up to John O'Groats. The anticipated mileage is 1000 miles. He is no stranger to this route having travelled it once 10 years ago although expects to take longer than the 10 days it took him last time!

Well, that's it for this issue just the usual thanks to all the members of the Info Service for keeping the music and spirit of Dr Feelgood alive and Christine Atkinson for the photos and "Betty's Birthday weekend". Anyone is welcome to drop me a line, article, review, whatever and I will do my best to include it in a future issue.

Until next time

Keep on Feelin' Good

John Butterfield
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Betty's birthday weekend

Betty decided that her 30th birthday was worth one weekend away with the girls. First there was Roxette, she packed shelves at Tesco on the night shift and enjoyed Wine, Women and Whiskey, and of the three it was the woman that she loved.

Next up was Suzie Q this lady was a man-eater, men where date bait, or a free evening out.

Now baby Jane was out for a good time. Called baby because she was the youngest, she worked as a nurse in a private practice and as it happens she was also a diabetic so she sometimes got called the sugar shaker.

Next up was Nadine. Oh boy. This girl had been caught on the job, out of hours with her boss. Nadine had been jumping from love to love for a while, and was up for violent love any time. But this time she's in the middle as the boss's wife had caught her. It turns out that this malpractice had been going on six months.

Lastly Sweet Louise, she was a classic in everything she did, always looking for a second opinion.

Hair dryers packed they where riding on the L & N to Newcastle for a girls weekend, this could be dangerous.

Once in Geordie land Nadine asks Roxette if it was true that Geordie men are love hounds. Well there supposed to be best in the world Roxette replied, and on a full moon they become Wolfmen howling from the Tyne Bridge so legend has it.

Drives me wild thought Nadine.

Maybe we should be going some place else said Sweet Louise. So long replied Nadine, I'm staying here. Well I'm going back home and off went Louise. She was last seen standing at the crossroads waiting for Steve's taxis to get her on the road again.

Mean while back at the Java Blue Hotel Betty planned a night out at the Feelgood Factor Club to drink milk and alcohol. At the club baby Jane got out her cheque book and said I don't mind, as long as the price is right, lets have a party, I'll pay us all in. That's £ 60-00 said the doorman, cheap at half the price.

Take a tip said the Repo man who was serving behind the bar, you can get every kind of vice in here, just ask the tall guy over there he's called the Roadrunner. Things get better said Roxette as she ordered one tall blonde and a brunette (buy one get one free).

Suzie Q said to the Repo man Gimme one more shot before I go get supper. Who's that dancing over there? That's the Hoochie Coochie Man. The one with the dimples, well that's gods gift to me.

Send for the Doctor said Betty, she'll eat him alive and spit his bones out to make broth. That's O.K said Roadrunner, St James Infirmary's just up the road.

They're talking bout you, said the Repo man to Suzie Q, well that's nobody's fault but mine she said. I'm off girls Saturday night fish fry and that Hoochie Coochie mans my fish.

Put him out of your mind warned the Repo man, don't bend my ear replied Suzie Q I wanna make love to you. Well going by his reputation said Roadrunner he's big enough, don't wait up Betty said Suzie Q away she went.

Typical my birthday and she's got damp knickers. Well it is Saturday night in the big market said Repo man.

So Sweet Louise had buggered off home, Roxette was contemplating three in a bed sex with her blonde and brunette and Suzie Q was fish frying (that leaves Nadine, baby Jane and Betty).

Talkin of damp knickers said Nadine it's time I had another man, I'm sick of waiting for Saturday night and nothing happening when it gets here.

Nadine began looking back at the repo man as she said this; while he had a sneaking suspicion that he was going to play dirty tonight.

I'm a real man he told Nadine (who didn't need any encouragement) come over here if you want to make love, we can get rhythm together, you got me she said. That girl was born with a mattress on her back.

Come on said Betty, look at him, he's got a face like a chewed up toffee, have some standards.

Not a problem 'I've got a paper bag in my pocket said Nadine, that'll cover his face and I'll close my eyes (promise) Anyway take what you can get, It's not his face I'm interested in is it?

Well girl said Betty I hope what's in his pant is better looking when you get there.

No time to chat, I'm off said Nadine, time to practice some Yoga, see you later alligator.

Stupidity or what Said Baby Jane, Quit while you behind, you'll regret it in the morning!

Baby Jane said it's me and you Betty, I'll order two tequilas from the bar and we can toast your birthday. I'm off to the little girls room said Betty.

Hi pretty face, a voice behind baby Jane. They call me Madman Blues, because I'm as mad as a hatter and always wear blue. I'm under Doctors Orders and I get a weekly shot of R & B this stops me getting a case of the shakes. You poor thing I know how you feel, I'm a diabetic and my nickname is Sugar shaker.

Look said Madman blues I'm a chess master and I like fast women and slow horses. Really I like a fast ride too, said Baby Jane. Tell me no lies asked the Madman, I wont Double cross you said Baby. (God this is worse that the usual Friday night crap) Can I hold your hand, yes she said, oh that feels good, let's drop everything and run, I want sixty minutes of your love, we can mellow down easy in the corner over there.

As Betty came back from the toilet she realised she was on her own, so she finished off the two tequilas and ordered two more doubles.

Your on your own lass said the Road runner, who was beginning to look quite attractive after 4 tequilas, three Carlsberg special brew and a half bottle of red wine.

Oh don't start me talking about them little tarts. The more Betty looked at Roadrunner the more the drink took effect!!!!!!!

He was tall, nicely built and had the most beautiful ice blue eyes (pissed again) she'd also noticed that when he smiled he was fairly cute (desperate and very pissed).

Look he said I'm off in a few minutes, why don't we break these chains and get a few cans of brown ale (mad dogs drink) I'll get some ham and peas pudding stotties and we can hit Highway 61 to see the lights of down town (Gateshead, this boy knows how to show a lonely, desperately pissed woman a good time).

You crack me up she said, why not. So for her birthday Betty ended up going out west and leaving the rat race behind for one night of unlimited exotic passion (ham stotties )

God knows what she felt like when she woke up with her hangover and a few extra's on Sunday morning.

(Watch this space)

By Christine Atkinson


John also added Steve Walwyn's Flyer to the newsletter, which is not
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[Would be really nice, if YOU take the chance to make some others FEEL GOOD ;o)
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