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Snippets of FEELIN' GOOD Issue 8/July 1997

Published with friendly permission of editor John Butterfield.



(by John Butterfield)

Thursday 8th May - arrived at Southend dinnertime, sorted out accommodation for Steve Smith who very courteously 'put me up' the previous night and took me on a pub crawl at Hucknall near Nottingham with Pam, a friend we had met at Skegness. It was then time for the escorted tour. First to the Grand Hotel when a pint was had in the memory of the Roadrunner, followed by another ale in the Crooked Billet before a 'Grand' tour of Grand Records where Steve managed to be photographed with the 'Let it Roll' toby jugs and various silver/gold discs. Gabi from Germany turned up whilst we were there, fresh from her travels with the Rods.

I checked into the Oyster Fleet (formerly the Dr Feelgood Music Bar) and relaxed with a bath before hitting the bar along with David White (Germany). Tony Moon and Gordon Russell/Sarah were also staying there and before long a minibus arrived to take us to the Cliffs Pavilion where a great gig was held (review included in this issue) and raised 3,281 Pounds for S.C.E.N.T. lt was good to meet up with many people there including Teppo Natilla (Finland) and partner, Renate Renny Zimmermann (Switzerland), Chris Francis and Wife (who helped with discography 'Down by the Jetty' and compilation of '25 years of Dr Feelgood' CD), Will Birch (Who informed me a review of C.D. would be in June issue of Mojo), John Carly (who has recently purchased Kevin's 'Red Premier' kit he used in the Autumn 1992 UK Tour and has asked me if anyone out there has any pictures of Kevin with the kit), Barrie Masters (who tells me the Rods are looking for a new guitarist - it's a shame Graeme Douglas and Dave Higgs couldn't get back together on a full time basis!), John Warren and Trish, Dave Bronze (who has been working with Paul Carrack), Dean Kennedy (now with 'Divine Comedy') and many more.

It's been suggested that a 'get together' could maybe be held at next years memorial with guided tour etc - let me know if anyone is interested and suggestion for the format of such a day!


Friday 9th May - woke up at 9am, body calling for Bacardi but no alcohol in sight so it's a pint of milk before driving to Phils house where I joined Phil and Pete Timms in the Feelgood Mobile. On the way to London we called for a takeaway breakfast before arriving at Oxford Street's Virgin Megastore at 12pm. Unloaded the gear then several cups of tea later Dr Feelgood played a short set including (Take a Tip, Tanquery, Instinct to Survive, World Keeps Turning and Down at the Dr's) before signing copies of the book and C.D. Tony Moon and Chris Fenwick called in for a breather between the many radio interviews they were doing (17 in 2 days). At 2pm we were off on the road to 'The Worcester Park Tavern' a rearranged gig and arrived at 4pm where we had a meal and several pints of the elixir of life (alcohol flavoured water). Rest of the band turned up at 6pm before soundchecking then more fuel from the bar. The gig was a success and Nigel Kerr was on hand to witness this. We gave Renny a lift to Earls Court before continuing onto Phil's house where at 3am we were drinking tea and reading the football news on Teletext.

Sat 10th May - Phil and I left at 12 to head for Wembley in my car to catch Whitby Town beat North Ferriby United 3-0 in the FA Vase Cup Final (well done the seasiders!). Conveniently the gig tonight is in London at Covent Garden Roadhouse. I drove there and left the car safely parked up for the night so I could try a little drink or two. The gig was early, onstage at 9pm, but afterward Phil, Pete Timm and I stayed back to watch a soul band and chat with friends Ken and Paul Routledge who often help out 'The Hamsters'. The van dropped me, Ken and Paul off at Paul's where I stayed the night.

Sunday 11th May - Woke up and had a barbecue for breakfast before heading off to the Midlands firstly to find a pub that was showing the Leeds v Middlesbrough final league game and then to meet the band at the hotel before travelling to Dudley J.B.'s. Picked up Steve on the way who had been watching the 2nd half, arriving at Dudley at 6pm, quick setup then down to the pub with Pete Gage, Phil and Pete Timms. Back at J.B.'s it was good to meet more friends from Skegness and old friend Mel from Leicester. After the show it was back to the hotel where l'd had enough of alcohol so after a cup of tea went to bed early.

Monday 12th - Breakfast at 11am and as usual what a fine breakfast, discussed the days plan as the next gig was at Boumemouth a late leaving was decided and a slow leisurely scenic drive via Stonehenge was arranged. I was going in the opposite direction so said my farewells and thanks for a great few days - on the road again.

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