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Snippets of FEELIN' GOOD Issue 25/Oct. 2001

Published with friendly permission of editor John Butterfield.


It's only just begun

Where are the days going. It only seems last year that I was writing the editorial for the sequel to the 1975 Naughty Rhythms tour. Now almost a year rolling and tumbling down this crazy line of R & B we have another sequel "Naughty Rhythms 2001".

Anyone who read the last issue will know this will be the tour not to miss. Some great acts lunatically held together by master of ceremonies Mr John Otway, nostalgia time with the Kursaal Flyers (off the Thames Estuary), our friends from across the pond Canned Heat and some group called Dr Feelgood. There's only 40 shows this time but the task is to complete them in 40 nights with only daylight hours to relax whilst travelling to the next venue. It sure is an exciting life on the road with lot's of motorway service stations and comfortable hotel beds to rest weary heads upon. Good job the feelgood factor generated by Britains greatest live R & B outfit and the atmosphere created by Feelgood fans makes the live shows something to look forward to and enjoy. This issue gives you the naughty dates and some fun articles provided by myself, Mr Johnny Green (who I found propping up the bar at the Memorial, got him drunk and coerced him into writing something), John Alderdice for the Doc Word, a fan who is researching Feelgood lyrics, Christine Atkinson, who also gives us a lyrics and a scrambled titles quiz, Bonerock who kindly gave permission to reproduce a review he featured on his website www.bonerockfever.co.uk. Also a big thanks to the other people who help keep the Information Service going such as Gabi for her website www.drfeelgood.de (where you are right now!), Ann Adley and Mark from Grand Records, Andy Collinson as always for printing the issues, Whitey, the lads themselves Dr Feelgood and of course all of you readers who create the demand for "Feelin Good".

This issue tells the latest on the next CD and also news of two compilations. The first compilation appeared on Grand Records (Grand CD24) on 24th September and is titled "The Complete BBC Sessions 1973 to 1978". It pulls together BBC studio recordings which were broadcast by John Peel and Bob Harris on their Radio One shows of the day. The 21 tracks feature Wilko Johnson on the first 13 then another 8 with Gypie Mayo. More details later in this issue.

The second is a 3 CD release on EMI Records titled "Singled Out - The UA/Liberty A's, B's and Rarities" which was released on September 17th. Again more details later.

Thanks to all the fans who offered to be part of the Feelgood factor at the recording of the next live CD. People who applied will have been told the CD should be recorded in January or Spring 2002 and tracks will include some new songs and covers and classics. More details in the New Year issue due when I recover from the excesses suffered during the Naughty tour (so please only offer to buy me one drink if you see me) and any celebrations over the holiday period. Next Year it's one big party with 30 years of Dr Feelgood. Get your saes in to be part of the greatest R&B band going.

Keep on Feeliní Good
John Butterfield


Take bass player Phil Mitchell, Drum Workshop ambassador Kevin Morris, guitarist extraordinaire Steve Walwyn and ex Animal Robert Kane add the ingredient the Feelgood Factor and Hey Presto it's Britain's Premier Purveyors of Rhythm and Blues - Dr Feelgood.


Dr Feelgood originated down by the jetty in Canvey Island, Essex way back in the very early 1970's. In fact next year they celebrate 30 years of Dr Feelgood with one man at the helm of the ship all this time Mr Chris Fenwick aka "Whitey". Their private practice has for many years now been with their very own record label Grand Records named after a local hostelry in Leigh on Sea. The band have released 24 CDs on this fine label with the latest one being "Chess Masters". They play over 200 shows each year all over the world. Last year saw the Naughty Rhythms Tour hitting over 70 towns in the UK and under Doctors Orders they are back in 2001 with a condensed version of 40 shows.

It's no good visiting the medical profession with a case of the shakes as you'd only be diagnosed as suffering from stupidity if you fail to enjoy the live sounds of Dr Feelgood. A warning though don't get too close to the manic frontman Robert Kane or we could be seeing you singing those mad man blues in the comfort of your very own padded cell.

The Admiral Benbow was the setting in the opening scenes of Treasure Island and it's no coincidence that another nautical pub was involved with Dr Feelgood in the early days. It was the Admiral Jellicoe on Canvey Island where the Feelgoods hung out. Anyone who has mistakenly believed that Dr Feelgood took their name from an Aretha Franklin song can be told now that the Feelgoods sound and name was inspired by the B-side of The Pirates "I'll never get over you" and it was of course "Dr Feelgood". But who are this Motley Crue?? (another group who like nicking names). Let's climb aboard and have a look at these pirates of the 21st Century. Watch out for the cannon to the right or is that starboard?

The leader of this piratical bunch has no parrot on his shoulders. This Long John Silver is Robert Kane who wears a cool pair of shades instead of the customary black eye patch. No crutches for this man too although he should be avoided when seen brandishing a microphone stand which is a crutch one second then without warning becomes a cutlass so stand back shipmates. Robert was born and bred and still lives on the banks of the River Wear in Sunderland. He joined the Feelgoods in 1999 When he was pressganged by the Feelgoods from the Animals.

On his right you will see the Whirlwind himself Steve Walwyn who has been a Feelgood since 1989. His favourite guitar is nicknamed "The Plank" so when he is doing "The Walk" it's not "walking the plank" but certainly his fingers walk up and down the plank. He is the main songwriter in the band. He cut with teeth with several bands the most notable being Steve Marriot and The Big Town Playboys.

On the left we have Phil Mitchell who is in charge of the Quartermasters stores. Phil plays bass and organises the merchandising. He plays a solid bassline and has also written a few tunes but no sea shanties yet. Too many bands to mention here but relevance to the Saarfend scene could be Mickey Jupp and Lew Lewis Band.

Captain of this vessel is Kevin Morris who is the longest standing (or should that be seated) member having first joined in 1983 He holds the Captains Log and ensures a smooth passage from venue to venue. He also has a wide musical background having played in several bands with Phil but also with others such as heavy rockers from France - Trust. Kevin's favourite tipple isn't a bottle of rum but perhaps a few double gins or some fine wine won't go amiss.

Put them together and the vessel known as Dr Feelgood prepares to launch it's aural attack on anyone who gets in its way. Be prepared for some serious damage but some great fun along the way.

An experience to enjoy and remember so go to it.



Members of the Naughty Tour have had links with Dr Feelgood in the past some in the distant and some in more recent years. Here is a collation of just a few of those links.

Kursaal Flyers

They took their name from Southend Kursaal where Dr Feelgoods' number one album "Stupidity" was recorded.

Ex guitarist Barry Martin (now "The Hamsters") played with Dr Feelgood for a couple of weeks to cover for Gordon Russell in the 1980's.

Lead singer Paul Shuttleworth designed the sleeve cover for the CD "On the Road Again".

They originally recorded "My sugar turns to alcohol" which was covered by the Feelgoods on "Primo". The Kursaals also did a great swinging version of "Route 66".

Will Birch has drummed with the Feelgoods and also wrote songs such as "Don't wait up" and the Canvey Island anthem "Down by the Jetty Blues".

Will Birch used to work in Grand Records and set up his own label "On The Beach" based there.

Will Birch is probably the Mastermind champion of the Southend music scene and shared some of his specialist subject through various press articles and a great book "No Sleep 'till Canvey" on Virgin books.


John Otway took part in the Naughty Rhythms Tour 2000.

John invited Dr Feelgood as special guests this year on his annual Dunkirk trip.

Canned Heat

Canned Heat have worked with Dr Feelgood in Germany in several times namely 86, 87, 91, 96 and both groups together always had a lot of fun both on and off stage.

Canned Heat originally recorded "World in a Jug" which appeared on "Primo" They also gave the Feelgoods the title for CD "On The Road Again".



99 ½ % of Members of Dr Feelgood Information Service prefer Dr Feelgood to Steps.

Some Feelgood fans have children whose names appear in Feelgood songs i.e. Jane, Eileen but no Roxette yet!

Johnny Green once bought a round of drinks in 1973.

Johnny Green only has a drink on days with a "Y" in their name.

Feelgood CDs are round so definitely no good for square people.

Gotta go now the men have come back for me.

Only 3 musicians and one crew member attended all the shows on the Naughty 2000 tour.



A must buy for old and new fans alike. Containing 21 tracks recorded live in the Radio One studios. Some classic tracks that were in the live set of Dr Feelgood plus some never before recorded live versions of album tracks (they weren't out on CD in those days).

1. She Does it Right
2. I Don't Mind
3. Riot
4. Tore Down
5. Checking up on my baby
Recorded 24/10/73 for transmission on Bob Harris 19/11/73.

6. The More I give 7. Boom Boom 8. All Through the City 9. Talk to me Baby

Recorded 13/11/74 for transmission on Bob Harris 9/12/74

10. I Don't mind
11. I'm a Hog for you baby
12. Keep it out of sight
13. Route 66
Recorded 21/1/75 for transmission on John Peel 10/02/75

14. You upset me baby
15. She's a wind up
16. Baby Jane
17. Ninety Nine and a Half
Recorded 20/09/77 for transmission on John Peel 10/10/77

18. Night Time
19. Take a Tip
20. Down at the Doctors
21. Sugar Shaker
Recorded 5/09/78 for transmission on John Peel 18/09/78

''All in all, a great album to piece together all the cassette recordings we may have made when originally broadcast on a good quality CD with some interesting versions of well known tunes'' - Johnny Green


The original (printed) version of this newsletter also contains
an interview with Dr Feelgood front man Robert Kane (from Nov.10, 2000),
some puzzles, the ''Singled Out'' CD-box set tracklist, some addresses.
Added to this web site is a

Gig Review - March 3, 2001, The Borderline, London /UK

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