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1995 - 1999:




After Lee Brilleaux's death in April 1994 various memorials were celebrated with many ex- and actual Dr Feelgood members - but not longer with a Dr Feelgood BAND. All activities in this way were stopped and cancelled and the remaining members joined into other bands. It was over and out. And it seemed the only logical decision.
Without Lee it would never be the same.
Easy to understand - but badly to bear...
FEELINGS Time went by... Surely enough time to accept the fact of never to see Lee again. I'm sure he would have said "Don't be sad, Gabbi, life has to go on." Well, I've tried and listened to the Feelgood records, like usual... they still made me feel good, like usual. After the last song I'd put them back into the rack, like usual. But THEN, there was the main difference: Usually I've had the good feeling of looking forward to meet the Feelgoods to see them playing, having a chat - now there was just the horrible feeling of falling into a deep dark hole...

I'm glad few more people also could not stand the thought of never seeing Dr Feelgood live on stage again. Many of them asked the bandmembers and management to go on. But how?

Long time conciderations and discussions made the idea growing to give it a try - the search started, in hope to find a man who would be able to become Lee's successor.
Not an easy task...


Have you ever read a book that grabbed you so much,
you wished it would never come to an end ?

You tried to read it slow - afraid to reach the last page...
When the book was finished you was glad to have read it,
also sure, no other book would be as good like this one...

Then unexpected you fet to know there is an instalment.
You watch it with suspicion, knowing
it can not be like the first one.
Nevertheless you read the first pages to realize
it is written by the same ink.
So you decide to give it a try.

Reading on further you find out this book may be different,
but it's as good as the one you have read before.

And you say to youself:
Thank God - it's not a cheap imitation
but it keeps up the spirit
and enriches it with new influences...


Dr Feelgood, Promo 1996
Phil Mitchell - Steve Walwyn - Pete Gage - Kevin Morris
Bassguitar - Guitar - Vocals+Harmonica - Drums
DR FEELGOOD 1995 - 1999

... Exactly those feelings I have had when I heard about the plan
  the Feelgoods wanted to go back on the road with a new singer.

I was happy and afraid simultaneously!

Would it be possible to find a singer
who is able to bring back the Feelgoods on stage
with their well known intensity ?


The band gave me the honour to be the first person allowed to watch the first rehearsals with Pete Gage. I have known he had sung and played hammond organ in several bands of theBath area, where he comes from - so I supposed he wouldn't be a bad musician. Nevertheless I have to admit I was suspicious when I arrived in Phils studio the first time. A sunny day in June 1995, by the way.
You have to know meeting this band some years ago changed my life completely. They became the most important part in my life because this kind of music is the medicine which works on me - in addition to that comes the fact, the boys are great blokes, nice and friendly, down to the ground, natural - if it's the old, middle or actual Feelgoods.

Easy to imagine how curious I was to meet the man who has got the courage to follow Lee's steps...
When Pete started to sing I was lightened in the twinkling of an eye. First thought was "He does not sounds like Lee. Thank God he's different!" This was the biggest fear I had - to get a new singer who would remind me too much on Lee. To see someone else on stage with the behaviour and voice of Lee would hurt me. Yes, Pete sometimes seems to be a bit like him but has got his own personality and energy on and off stage. I think it's not easy for Pete all the time being surrounded by people who had known and loved Lee. They have never met each other...



According to Lee's wishes
Dr Feelgood now add a new chapter to the bandhistory.

The current line-up is different to all earlier Dr Feelgood line-ups because it's the first one without any original member. Nevertheless Kevin, Phil and Steve in the meantime spent more time in the band as all other former bandmembers. With the exception of Lee, of course.


Pete Gage, Canvey - May 1996  


Down by the Jetty

Canvey Island
May 10th 1996

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Autumn 1995 saw the completion of a twenty dates UK tour and successful trips to Spain, Italy and Switzerland. In January 1996 the band completed a sold-out Germany tour with Canned Heat which was followed by a theatre tour of the UK with the Blues Band. A first album with the new singer was recorded in Spring 1996. "On The Road Again" - again produced by Dave Bronze - saw release in the early summer. The groups set features songs of this album as well as all their hit records and many more from the previous 18 albums. To hear the new Dr Feelgood album plus seeing them live on stage blew away all the suspicion of fans and critics. Pete is a worthy successor for Lee - if it's on stage or in the recording studio. His rough voice and energy fits perfectly with the Feelgood songs.

The Feelgoods are back to hand over to us
their R&B and Blues medicine...

...and I know it's not just me in hope
the boys will write a lot of pages into the "Feelgood-Book"!

Part 2...


      On The Road Again


                (Source: FEELIN' GOOD Newsletters. With friendly permission of John Butterfield)

>>> Since Feb. 2004 we have got a detailed list of OUR EQUIPMENT. <<<


More Info

Interview 1
(in french)

>>> Update: Since September 1999 the band has got a new frontman, Robert Kane. Robert's predecessor Pete Gage asked me to publish this letter after the split from Dr Feelgood in August 1999.

BORN: February 12th 1946 in Paddington/London
INSTRUMENTS: Hammond Organ, Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, Voice
INFLUENCES: early Ray Charles, Zoot Money, Charlie Mingus
PREVIOUS BANDS: The Sonny Boys, The Sloane Squares, Jet Harris Band, Blues Faction, The Blazers, Pink Torpedoes, Pete Gage Expression
RECORDS: In 1995 recorded a 8 track cd "Give it with a Feeling" with Pete Gage Expression, includes 7 self penned tracks and only 500 copies limited edition. Early summer 1997 soloalbum "Out of Hours" recorded in Helsinki, Finland. Dr Feelgood: On the Road again - 1996, 25 Years of Dr Feelgood - 1997.
FAVE FOOD: Thai food
FAVE DRINK: Tequila, Jack Daniels
HOW DID YOU JOIN THE FEELGOODS: Ex-drummer with the Pink Torpedoes Dave Raeburn now playing The Hoax knows Kevin and when Kevin was talking to him about needing a new singer Dave gave him my details.
FAVE FEELGOOD TRACK: Down by the Jetty Blues


(in french)

BORN: May 15th 1955 in London
FIRST BAND: With school friends "Blend"
INSTRUMENTS: Drums, Calculator
DRUM KIT: First was Premier Olympic (made in 60s), current kit Premier Drum, Ludwig Snare drums, UFIP cymbals
INFLUENCES: (past and present) - Keith Moon, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Mitch Mitchell, John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Bill Bruford, Ian Paice, Jeff Porcaro, Bernard Purdie (Aretha Franklin, King Curtis), Steve Gadd, George Rains, Richie Hayward (Little Feat), Fito de La Parra (Canned Heat), Fran Christina, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa - to name a few!!
PREVIOUS BANDS: After school toured with soul band backing Sam & Dave, Edwin Starr, Detroit Emeralds, Inez Foxx, and many many more. Toured with french band "Trust", many sessions in London, Pub residences.
RECORDS: Live double cd of "Trust" 1980 tour released on Epic in France 1992, cd with the Coal Porters "Land of Hope and Crosby" (Prima Records 1994). Albums with Dr Feelgood: Doctors Orders, Mad Man Blues, Brilleaux, Classic, Live in London, Primo, Feelgood Factor, Down at the Doctors, On the Road again, 25 Years of Dr Feelgood - 1997, Stupidity+, EMI Boxed Set tribute to Lee Brilleaux, Chess Masters, Speeding Thru Europe (live). Loads of singles and album tracks for various artists prior to Dr Feelgood - can not remember half of them - "Thank God"!
HOW DID YOU JOIN THE FEELGOODS: Lee phoned me and said rehearsals tomorrow (Monday), Dingwalls Wednesday! I had known Lee at school and had played in embryonic Feelgood with Lee and Sparko called "Pigboy Charlie Band" or sometimes Wild Bunch whilst still at school.
FAVE FEELGOOD TRACK: Too many to pick but early Wilko songs were so different to what was going on at the time.
FAVE ALBUMS: Down by the Jetty, Case of the Shakes, Feelgood Factor.




BORN: March 19th 1953 in Wembley
FIRST BAND: "Daily Male" whilst at school
INFLUENCES: Jack Bruce, Larry Taylor, Herbie Flowers
PREVIOUS BANDS: first professional band backing soul artists such as Rufus Thomas, Limmie and Family Cookin´, Tammi Lynn, joined Legend which then became the Mickey Jupp Band a 12 piece band, an earlier version of Kursaal Flyers, rock band "The English Assassin", Lew Lewis Reformer, The Bottles
RECORDS: various session work, The Redbirds 1991-92 (with Larry Wallis and Chris North; released one EP ''Truth justice and a wholesome packed lunch''). Dr Feelgood: Doctors Orders, Mad Man Blues, Brilleaux, Classic, Live in London, Primo, On the Road again, 25 Years of Dr Feelgood - 1997, Stupidity+, EMI Boxed Set tribute to Lee Brilleaux, Chess Masters, Speeding Thru Europe (live)
HOW DID YOU JOIN THE FEELGOODS: Went to same school as Lee and Kevin and at 15 years old first band played first gig for school but played TOO FAST so set ended early when band ran out of songs. Lee came backstage and offered to do a set with a blues band knocked up with mates in the audience! Many years later I had heard that Feelgood were disbanded and met Lee at Zero Six Club at a musicians workshop - mentioned to Lee if ever he needed a bassplayer to help make up a band to let me know, next day he phoned me to say he had been offered a gig in Monte Carlo (March 1983), following rehearsals with Lee, Buzz and Gordon Russell went to Feelgood!
FAVE FEELGOOD TRACK: Down at the Doctors
OFF THE ROAD ACTIVITIES: Plays and watches Football and Golf, owns recording studios "Mushroom Studios". (BTW: Phil in the meantime sold the studio because he is touring again!)

Addition by Gabi:

PREVIOUS BANDS: I think, Phil also played in a band called "The Garden Airplane Trap" with Will Birch (Kursaal Flyers) and Graeme Douglas (Kursaal Flyers, Eddie & The Hot Rods).



BORN: June 8th 1956 Southam, Warwickshire
FIRST BAND: Hands Off - Formed at Southam High School
INSTRUMENTS: Guitar, Slide Guitar, Bass, Harmonica
INFLUENCES: Many including Rory Gallagher, Peter Green, Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Hubert Sumlin, Early Eric Clapton
PREVIOUS BANDS: After first band HANDS OFF, joined professional rockband CHEVY, then played with R&B band THE DT's in the early 1980s. The DT's became backing band for the late Steve Marriott in 1987. Joined Dr Feelgood in 1989. After Lee's death played with Eddie & The Hot Rods, Roger Chapman Band and The Big Town Playboys before joining re-formed Dr Feelgood
RECORDS: Numerous Sessions. Chevy: The Taker - LP 1980, The DT's - Shakin' not Stirred - LP 1983, The DT's: Live at JBs - LP 1986, Steve Marriott and The DT's: Sing The Blues Live - CD 1988 / UK 2001, Steve Marriott and The DT's: Sing The Blues Live - CD 1988, Steve Marriott and the DT's: Live in Lindau 1988 (US Bootleg 2CD), Steve Marriott: 30 Seconds to Midnite - LP 1989 (also available as CD), Big Town Playboys: Hip Joint - CD 1995, Denim: Denim on Ice - CD 1999, Steve Marriott and the Official Receivers (2 Tracks Live with The DT's in Cologne, Germany) - 2CD 2000
Chevy 7''s: Too much loving / See the light*** - 1980, The Taker / Life on the run*** - 1981, Just another day*** / Rock on - 1981 [*** none Album tracks]
Dr Feelgood: Live in London - 1990, Primo - 1991, The Feelgood Factor - 1993, Down at the Doctor's - 1994, On the Road Again - 1996, 25 Years of Dr Feelgood - 1997, Stupidity+, EMI Boxed Set tribute to Lee Brilleaux, Chess Masters, Speeding Thru Europe (live)
HOW DID YOU JOIN DR FEELGOOD? When I was with the DT's I played various gigs on the same bill with Dr Feelgood and consequently came to know the members of the band quite well. Lee Brilleaux also came to see the DT's at gigs in Lutterworth and Kettering. On New Years Eve 1988 Dr Feelgood were supported at the Town and Country Club in London by Steve Marriott and the DT's. When Gordon Russell decided to leave the band, Phil Mitchell telephoned me at the Duchess of York, Leeds, where I was playing that night, to ask me if I would like to audition with Dr Feelgood. I learned the songs in the set from tapes while the band were touring abroad. When they returned, I went to the audition on Canvey Island and subsequently joined the band. One of my first gigs with Dr Feelgood was at London's Town and Country Club - the show was recorded and became the 'Live in London' album.
FAVOURITE FEELGOOD TRACK: Many, including I can Tell, Down at the Doctors, She does it Right
OFF THE ROAD ACTIVITIES: Playing and watching cricket, cycling, writing songs, playing occasional gigs with local musicians
1. Touring Germany 1996 with CANNED HEAT. In particular joining them on stage in Munich (25.01.1996).
2. Playing to around 50,000 bikers at a festival near Berlin.
3. Recording Peter Green's song 'World Keeps Turning' for the album 'On the Road Again'.

Some additions by Gabi:

NICKNAME: "Whirlwind" (given by Lee)
MAIN STAGE INSTRUMENT: Fender Telecaster ("The Plank" - bought in 1976, 2nd hand)
PREVIOUS BANDS: Chevy (1979-82), The Mosquitos (1982), The DT's (1982-89), Steve Marriott Band (1988-89), Roger Chapman (Swizz tour, early Nineties), Eddie & The Hot Rods (1992), The Big Town Playboys (1994-95), The Rogues (...-1994-...)
RECORDS: As far as I know, he also has recorded The DT's (Messing with the Blues/1983 & Shaken'n'Stirred/Live), The GB's/The Rogues (Kelly's Heros/Tape/1994), The Mosquitos (Something Outta Nothin'/How Could They Know)
OFF THE ROAD ACTIVITIES: Whenever time allows, Steve plays gigs with fellow friend Craig Rhind in the GB's, they also played few gigs in Spain as The Steve Walwyn Band in 1996. Steve is an avid cyclist and enjoys to spend time with his kids.

Steve in Spain 1996 

Steve Walwyn in Spain, La Boîte - March 24th-31st, 1996
(Photo by Salvi Pardas - LA CASA DE VAN DE BLUES Website)

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